The Irukandji WH Corp So good it HRTZ

The Irukandji – WH Corp

We are a wormhole corporation, dedicated to having fun with PVP and getting good fights win or lose. We are newer wormhole corp however we have a wealth of experience in most areas of EVE, and are looking for new members to join the family.

What do we do?
We operate out of a C5 wormhole, which has a C5 static, this provides excellent opportunities for both PVE and PVP.

PVE Activities include:

  • Gas / Ore Mining
  • T3 Production
  • Capital Production
  • Anoms + Escalations
  • PVP Activities include
  • Small – Medium gang roams / Hunting
  • Black Ops
  • Asset Denial

Services we offer:

  • Ships to loan for fleets.
  • Logistics
  • TS3 & OOG Communication
  • Market and Industry Services

We are a laid back group, however do expect a certain level of self-sufficiency, our main goals revolve around having fun, without necessarily caring about the kill board and having the capacity to replace and fly ships we like.

Our Requirements Include:

  • Decent MIC & Fluent English
  • Sense of humor
  • Previous WH experience preferred

If we piqued your interest feel free to contact us via our public channel OW it [-HRTZ] alternatively mail or PM DARKIFRIT / Precsion Coth / jack1011 edwards/ Harry New


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