The Last One - WTS Skillbook Mobile Refinery Operation

(Precions Moment) #1

Starting bid - 16bil
each next bid +500mil
b/o - 40bil
Email me in-game or here.
Contract in Jita was already created but I can cancel it there if some real offer will appear.

Auction Mobile Refinery Operation Skillbook - few hours left

5b offer, last one was sold for 6b

(Precions Moment) #3

Hi Bump,
Sure if u will find any for 6b you can buy it but seems like I have the last one and I am not hurry at all. So will say no.

(Precions Moment) #4

Anyone who will find collector for this book will receive 1bill after the deal. Gavlan deal Gavlan bill (с)

(Precions Moment) #5

sold for 6b. Please close.

(system) #6

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