WTS | Discontinued 2004 Mobile Refinery Operation Skillbook

Selling my extremely rare Mobile Refinery Operation skillbook. This book was removed from the game about 14 years ago in 2004 shortly after the game launched.

Not a single contract exists for it in-game currently and it cannot be sold on markets

Feel free to offer non-isk trades.


what part of “NON ISK” did you miss?

All of it.

I’m pretty sure “feel free to offer non-isk trades” means that OP is open to trades too, alongside regular isk offers.

By non-isk I just meant that I would help potential buyers by taking assets such as PLEX mainly.

The last offer of 15bil was current outbid this morning.

The last sellers with prices and dates according to the forum are as follows, to give you an idea of the price of this item, one of the rarest items in the games, even more so than AT ships:

August 2021 - 25bil - WTS Mobile Refinery Operation skillbook - #5)
May 2021 - 35bil- WTS Collectors Mobile Refinery Operation skill + original Large rigged ships
April 2021 - 35bil with an offer of 30bil - WTS rare skillbooks


Thanks for the update on where it is price wise






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