WTS Collectors Mobile Refinery Operation skill + original Large rigged ships

This Collectors Skill book will be put up on contract in Tranquility Trading Hub (Perimiter)
Skill can be injected and trained (no effect - collectors item), Cannot be found / placed on the market anymore.
Mobile Refinery book - 35b

Offsize (old) rigged ships - Offers on here or DM in game please :slight_smile:
Happy browsing

Phobos ( fitted with 2x Large Trimark I )
1x Itty V (3x Large Cargo Optimisation I)
Helios (2x *Large Grav Cap I)
2x Drake (each 3x Large shield extend rig I)
1x Drake (2x Large shield extend I)
1x Catalyst (3x Large salvage tackle I) - from way before Noctis
1x Arazu (1x Large CCC I, 1x Large Inverted Signal Field Projector I)
Blackbird (1x Large CCC I)
Brutix (1x Large ACR I)
Rorq - (3x Large Cargo Optimisation I)


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i got a large T2 rigged CCC Archon if your interested in buying?

Thank you, but trying to sell book and ships :slight_smile:

Skillbook and other ships still for sale

Feel free to mail in game

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