Mobile Refinery Operation Skillbook

Selling 1x ‘Mobile Refinery Operation Skillbook’.

The skill has never been officially released and was only purchasable due to an in-game bug and was removed from the game 17 years ago in 2004, shortly after the game launched.

Not a single contract exists for it in-game currently and it cannot be sold on markets.

Previous sales/bids with open prices:
August 2021 - 25bil WTS Mobile Refinery Operation skillbook - #5 )
May 2021 - 35bil WTS Collectors Mobile Refinery Operation skill + original Large rigged ships
April 2021 - 35bil with an offer of 30bil WTS rare skillbooks

Currently looking for 25b

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Forgive me if you are aware but you seem to have posted a sale advert without a price.

Open to offers. The average of the previous sales seems to be around 32.5bil ish, so looking for somewhere around that.

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Boomp, still for sale







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Aaaaa, I’m boomping