The Lost Fleet of Eve - Null Sec Low Sec PVP corp Recruiting

The Lost Fleet of Eve is looking for PVP and Indy Corps to join our Ranks

Who are we?

LFEVE is a PVP Alliance focused on small to medium scale fleet warfare.
We operate in Lowsec (Derelik) and Nullsec (Providence).
We are a Heavy USTZ Alliance

Specter Fleet is the Head of LFEVE but is current apart of PHEW until further notice. This is to ensure standings line up with Rekking Crew as a whole.

Our main focus is to grow our PVP wing more and help our member corps gain individual strength to increase the unity of our group along with ensuring RC has our addition numbers when needed.

Please check out our Killboard if you like for my corp and alliance.

As I am sure you notice that LFEVE has been dormant for awhile and its time to wake up. but Specter Fleet has been having fun for many years and will easily be able to support new members along with the RC as a whole

What we are looking for?

Friendly & Mature players looking to have some fun and blow up internet spaceships (Stole this line from CALSF =P)
Must Auth with SEAT
No skill level require if willing to learn and grow.
PvP focus Groups or Indy Heavy Groups welcomed

What we offer?

TeamSpeak 3 for voice communications in and out of Eve
Very active Discord for both our alliance and Rekking Crew
Internal Logistics
Citadel Network with Clone Bays
SRP for official Operations
Mature Atmosphere

Reach out to Shinron Sakai in game with interest!!!

Bump for LFEVE o/

Bump for LFEVE o/

Bump for LFEVE o/

Bump for LFEVE o/

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