The Miners Tavern Requires More Drinkers

Here at The Miners Tavern we pride ourselves on being members of LORDE and in turn WC, from this position we have all the exotic beverages and x rated entertainments that can be found across many regions and star systems.

We excel ourselves on the opportunities we afford our members be those through killing the local NPC’s, chewing up the local resources found in belts, anoms, or even moons and turning those resources into many a shiny object, or better still, going forth in a ball of flame tanked up on drugs to confound, confuse, and harass our enemies.

We are not authoritarian in nature although do expect a team player mentality amongst our ranks, along with connection to Discord/Mumble whilst they are logged in and active. It is advised that our members have a wide open mind and x rated sense of humour as sometimes (more often than not) comms as well as chat can be both exotic and exploitative in nature, so under 18’s probably won’t suit, or those with any morals to speak of.

So come join us in the tavern, stay a while and sip from our ice cold taps of plenty.

Contact in game:

Kestakis Kanjus
Juon Rin
Or me Miola Amatin

A warm welcome awaits you.

Call me maybe?

Midgets provided ?


7o/ \o7

Booze has arrived

Midgets, Booze, Call us we have a party awaiting you

The only Tavern that’s still open :wink: Come join us



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