The new PI camera is 'abyssmal'

(Gaulri Aridis) #1

Seriously, I feel like I’m looking at a textured balloon from the wrong angle through a magnified monocle on my non-dominant eye. Also, the Planetary Production window is way too little information in way too much space

(Hippie Sum) #2

But they make up for it with a giant, pointless plantary production window that you can’t make smaller. What fun.

(Beast of Revelations) #3

Everything seems better to me than before. But I admit I haven’t set up a new colony yet with the new system, only looked at my current colonies.

(enoughtoknow) #4

I wish they would have set this up with a “try the new PP” (lol) check box in settings so I could leave it unchecked like “try the new map”.
I also wonder which member of the brain trust thought it should insta-focus on the command center rather than the launch pad.

(Nana Skalski) #5

Every click on a structure brings its 3d model that is obstructing the view. If they really want to have these buildings, they could move them to a window that is opened when you click on the circle representing it. View could have a background made with ACTUAL TEXTURED MODEL OF A PLANET SURFACE and building could be TEXTURED also, even with small size of textures. The 3d view could be on a side and could be minimized. The circle itself could be highlighted and showing that its chosen. That would bring so much clear view of conections and facilities.


(system) #6

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