The only way to fix broken isk vs reward hi sec ganks

What did you lose?


I swear, salty threads from highsec scrublords like this make highsec ganking 100x better than just the loot.

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It’s like walking into a police station and telling them somebody stole a bunch of money from you:

They ask: “Where was the money located?” You answer: " In a grocery bag on the seat of my car."
“Were you in the car?” “No, I was at the rest stop going to the bathroom.”
“Was your car locked?” “No.”

s/ Obviously ganking is the problem, not the people who haul around mountains of wealth without taking any precautions whatsoever. An all-powerful police force would solve everything, I’m sure. /s


I would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate the killers of this care bear for a job well done.

The tears you have sent to the forums are entertainment to us all and are beneficial to the community as a whole.

Your skill and dedication are an inspiration to the EVE community.



Are you talking about the forum in general, or this thread in particular?

Because I’m sure not seeing any tears here. Though I’m seeing a lot of fear in the subtext of many of the posts from people like you and others. People who know full well how this ends.

PA nerfing ganking into oblivion.

By the time they’re done with EVE, you’ll be lucky if you even have wars that don’t need to be cosigned by both parties.

It 100% will happen, I agree, but at least we’ll be able to look at ourselves in the mirror and say “we tried.”

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You wish to punish the players, not the capsuleers.
You have no clue what “risk vs. reward” actually means and you don’t really care.

The sole reason you’re posting this, is because you’ve gotten blown up.

You’re selfish. You never cared about anyone else getting blown up,
but now it hit you and suddenly the rest of the world has to care about your worthless, sorry, candy ass.

I think we don’t actually appreciate bad people like yourself here …
… and you’re just painting a big fat target on yourself for doing this.

You have no honour and don’t give a single ■■■■ about anyone but yourself.

You’re an asshole, mate.


Deleting his post in 3…2…

This guy up there’s a massive asshole too, btw, who never stops being stuck in the past. :smiley:

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Like yesterday when you got drunk again and did a bunch of dick posts that you then deleted five minutes later.

That’s a good one. :slight_smile:

You really see me everywhere, all the time, every day … hu? :smiley:

I have no idea what I’ve done to you …
… but I’m sure as ■■■■ impressed about your lasting reaction to it. :slight_smile:

lol USAmerican.

How’s “Mr. Epeen” doing?
Still butthurt about the name being banned? :slight_smile:

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Sleep it off, bro. Maybe you’ll make more sense when you wake up.

Both of you are arguing like dysfunctional parents.

Meanwhile, I, the 4-year-old child, am sitting in the living room, desperately trying to play with my firetruck in a vain effort to drown out the yelling and the sounds of mommy hitting daddy while he’s smashing the cups and plates against the wall.

Vroom vroom, wee-ooo-wee-ooo…


He’s USAmerican. What would be the point of argueing? o_O

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i completely missed all that i just thought it was the usual salty victim…are you sure its not just a salty victim,… its just a salty victim :slight_smile:

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I thought he’s Euro?

Fogster, where you at?

He’s Canadian, we had a bit of a linguistic side thread going in the moderation thread and it came up.

Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

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I doubt that. He never says sorry and Canadians can’t tell lies! D:

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Too far! I was hoping that was closer so that we could meet up and he would buy me alcohol.

pfft we all know that you own lederhosen. :expressionless: