The Price of Freedom [0.0 Corp] is recruiting

PRICE is an awesome corp, and the only reason I continue to play this game.

We currently live in fortress Delve as a member of Get off My Lawn and thus part of the Imperium coalition. This provides us access to pretty much anything you could ask for:

An established corp with long term plans, goals and dreams. We take care of members who contribute and enrich the collective experience of being in PRICE. We live, laugh, love, fight and die together.

PvP fleet pings for everything from small gang skirmishes to cap filled tidi fest combat and everything in between.

All the money generating potential of null sec with members allowed to rat anywhere within the Imperium.

What we would like from our applicants:

  • A minimum of 5 million skill points

  • A full no expiry API key

  • Able to fly an Interceptor (any race)

  • Able to fit a Prototype cloaking device

  • To have at least 1 rank in the skill Infomorph Psychology

  • The ability to earn isk independently when required

  • Willing to commit to participation in 2 Alliance or Coalition fleets per month per character

  • Working Microphone and Teamspeak

  • Willing to signup for alliance and coalition services once joined, (forums, discord, jabber, mumble, teamspeak)

  • The desire to get involved with the corp, have fun, make a difference and generally kick ass.

  • A sense of humour and the ability to be able to find your ass (or someone else’s) with both hands

If you are interested, or have any questions regarding any of the above feel free to contact me via in game mail, or join our corporation public channel “Price Public”

look forward to hearing from and flying with you

Went out for fights with Brave and Co2 last night.

Still looking for members

Going put on fleets, making money on the Imperium market. Living the dream. Come join in

Co2 bros. We are still recruiting.

Still looking for fantastic pilots to join our family

Big plans in corp with the expansion coming. Be a part of it

Been a bit he to getting ready for the expansion but still looking for good pilots. Come join us now !

Even when I’m crying that the Broncos got blown out by the Eagles, I’m still looking for quality pilots to join our corp. Please, come put a smile on our face!

Getting in game mails from interested returning players. Have you sent yours yet?

The king has taken a break to focus on his real life education! Long live the king!

Due to real life pressures our corp has experienced a change in leadership, an end of a 5 year era is drawing to a close. Have no fear! We are The Price of Freedom, we are a light in the darkness of New Eden. We press boldly into the unknown looking to build a brighter future one day at a time.

Come build it with us


I think would be interested

Your corp sounds a lot of fun and I’d really like to get out into serious null

I’ll try and hit you up when i’m next in game

Keep hitting me up if your interested in joining!

Winter is coming, spend it with the price of freedom

This is the corp your looking for, though we do need to see your identification, apply now

Been working hard, now it’s time to play hard! Come be a part of Price, come play with us.

Have old members coming out of the woodwork, new members joining, come be part of the fun

The Price of freedom has much to be thankful for, come be a part of it

Apparently there are no women on the internet, but a few have joined Price in the last few days. Like all things Price wants more

November 28th is National day of giving, so give us an application to join our corp.

This ■■■■ writes itself!

Come join Price and get to dunk fools like this