All aboard the HYPE TRAIN ticket [PRICE] great value

Get hyped bitches The Price of Freedom has returned. Our glorious leader Bane Hunt has taken time away from the game to focus on real life, well now he is back having kicked RL squarely in the happy sack and intends to get back to the real business of running the most awesome corp in the game.

If you have the ability to find your ass with both hands, have an inclination to blow things up, or indeed get your own stuff blown up then we likely have a corp activity to match your skill set.

We currently live in Syndicate assessing who and where we want to hurl ourselves at next. We take fights, make fights and generally enjoy playing internet spaceships.

We are also a pretty tight group of random weird people who haze and poke fun at each other even when we aren’t playing, I for one joined for the content 4 years ago and have stayed for the atmosphere and brotherhood.

We have a discord, a group me and the Price Public in game channel if you want to come hang out or simply ask more questions. You can also respond to this thread or send me an e-mail in game or on this forum.

Finally if you are an Alpha or new player learning the game we have a cough feeder cough I mean new player training corp called “The Agoge Equals” dunno what the guys were smoking when they came up with that name! They basically consider themselves space Spartans but without Gerard Butlers horrible acting, and as they grow they will join us in fleets and on ops as cough cannon fodder cough I mean glorious equals.

I am off to the doctor to get my cough looked at, thanks for reading my random musings, if this has interested you at all. Please get in touch.

Couldn’t have said it better undomiel! Come join us in syndicate and help us blow stuff up!

Hope the cough gets better undomiel!

The Price of Freedom is the best corp I’ve ever been in. This group has real sticking power. 2 years inactive, and let me tell you, this corp is the only reason that brings me back to this game. Amazing group, come join us! :slight_smile:

Lets get it ya’ll! Join on up!

PVP, industry, come one come all! See me for details

We have old members coming out of the woodwork as they hear we are getting active again, if your an old Price member get your ass back in gear and get back with us!

We would also love to see some new faces sprinkled through the halls of the asylum, don’t be shy, we only bite for pleasure

Do you like to blow up CAPS? we like to blow up CAPS

WE EVEN HAVE MEMBERS WHO LIKE TO BLOW UP LOCAL IN ALL CAPS, but he’s Canadian and has to shout at work (he thinks it makes the Eskimo’s he works with understand him better)

Anyway we like to blow up CAPS, so if you do, then join us, so we have more people to blow up more CAPS

my gf has just informed me that I have gorgeous eyes, they are ice blue and you cannot resist them. Therefore lets stop dancing about and just join The Price of Freedom, don’t make me, make you look into my eyes and cause you to forfeit your soul…

If you still need convincing, join The Price of Freedom, it helps you get women (obviously true, as I have a girlfriend) look into my eyes, is this the face of someone who would lie to you?

I might be at work, but I’m still watching you, the creepy heavy breathing as you go about your day will only stop when you join The Price of Freedom, or if you are that way inclined, once you join I can keep doing it, whatever floats your boat.

We live in npc null sec, we speak English, well most of our members are American so it’s a butchered rendition of the original language of civilization but anyway you will be able to understand them if they speak slowly enough.
Join The Price of Freedom, we will help you learn the language of America, be warned though, you will gain a greater understanding of President Trump and come to realized just how ■■■■■■ we all are.

Dom is just bitter because his country is going to Brexit itself into a hole. If you join us, then we happily guarantee to maintain open borders and free trade in Syndicate. #yolo

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