The Quiet Place

I’d snuck past the guards easily and moved silently along the curved corridor. Emergency lighting giving away just enough detail for me to make my way quietly through the debris, Dust clung to every surface and it was obvious that this area had not been used in years. I found the stairwell and made my way down two levels before coming out into an almost identical corridor to the one I had just left.

If memory served what I was looking for was only about 100 meters down on the right hand side. I moved quickly, stopping periodically to listen for the sounds of people, but nothing was to be heard, no one ventured here, not even the guards.

I found the door and felt for the small access panel to its right, pulling out a small device I connected to leads to the access panel and within a few seconds a pulsing green light appeared and the door slid silently open. I went inside and closed the door.

This was my old captains quarters, abandoned since we were told we all had to move out. I placed a couple of small quantum lights on the cabinets and a dull light began to fill the room. I just needed to get away from all the hustle and bustle on the station and the draw of my old CQ was strong and I would relax here contemplating.

I am bored of being a capsuleer, I’ve moved from corporation to corporation searching for… well that’s it I don’t know, I was naive enough to think that I’d know it when I found it but that was not to be the case, I just kept on moving on, never really finding the right group. I needed to get away, the batteries would last for a day or two and I had some rations with me, I would sit here, in old, yet familiar surroundings and think of my next move.


Nice, I know the feeling…

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Thanks @DeMichael_Crimson , how can I request it be moved?

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You can easily move it yourself.

Scroll to the top of the thread and the title should have a pencil looking icon next to it - that will allow you to edit the title and category of the thread, after clicking the pencil icon there should be a drop down menu on the left side underneath it, scroll through that and select Player Fiction, then select the green check-mark afterwards. The thread should then be moved to the new sub-forum.

Anyway, hope you do some more writing like that. It was very enjoyable to read.

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Got it, and moved it, thanks.

As little scenarios come to me I will jot them down in a story(ish) format, they, like this, will generally reflect how I am feeling about something in game, or about the game.

Glad you enjoyed the read.

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