The Ronin Wind - WH and Low Sec Small Gang Mercs

The Ronin Wind aims to be a fun Small Gang WH based Lowsec/Nullsec Roaming Group that occasionally takes contracts for other folks.

Led by Roland Cassidy long time FC for Spectre Fleet and former member of just about ever large organization in the game, The Ronin Wind is here for older players and new alpha accounts alike.

Room to grow and make a name and story all to yourself, we have ample opportunity to engage in PVP, PVE, and even a spot of Roleplaying for those interested.

Imagine, you and a small group of friends waiting for the call as you fit up your ships in your Wormhole’s base of operations, the calls to undock and get into the action arrive and your 10 man gang burns out into yet another different corner of the Universe to wreck havoc and disappear into thin air once the dust settles.

Interested? Contact Roland Cassidy in game or catch us on our Reddit thread in /r/EVEJobs at

We are a USTZ based corp, however late EU and Early AU folks are welcome to join.

We Proudly support NPSI Groups such as Spectre Fleet and Bombers Bar and encourage all our members and allies to support them as well, help make the best ship in the game!

To answer a few general questions about the corp that keep coming up:

  1. Yes we have our WH home established. It’s a C2 with both a static C2 and a Static Lowsec which allows us quite a good opportunity to roam and raid to our heart’s content.

  2. Yes we have our Astrahaus set up for your home in the hole, all evictions have already taken place.

  3. Yes we will engage in good WH fights to the best of our ability, thats part of the fun of being in one of these groups.

  4. No unless you’re being assigned some super sensitive role within the organization I don’t need any of the “new api” data. If you really find it necessary to steal all those dank ventures and scanner ships for new bro’s in the public hangar… well guess you needed it. shrugs

The point here is that our group is growing, and if you fit in great, and if you don’t then it’s no hard feelings. I personally enjoy being part of new groups, building new things up from the ground and seeing what they can do. We want to foster an environment of players that don’t log in upset they can’t do one thing, but rather impressed by all the things they can do together as a team.

Some handy Corp facts:

Our zkillboard:

Our EVEwho:

Have gun will travel.

The Ronin Wind is looking specifically for pilots interested in learning the ropes in Wormholes, PvPing across all regions of space, and with a good attitude of helping our fellow pilots actually enjoy the game. While we can’t guarantee all alpha newbro’s will be able to handle the rigors of Wormhole life right off the bat, there’s definitely a place for you at the table as we the Roamin Ronin of The Ronin Wind wander through New Eden.

Don’t spend your days and nights in game alone. Come fly with us. Come fly with Spectre. Heck, come fly with anyone, because this game is great with others!

Recruitment is open - See what we’re all about!

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