The Ronin Wind Recruiting Roleplay friendly PVP /Indy newbros

You’re a recent graduate from Caldari’s State War Academy. Not content to be pressed into service for the State Protectorate Militia or carted off to the distant climes of some Nullsec powerbloc under the thumb of an autocratic dictator you opt instead to live your life as an independent contractor and soldier of fortune.

Where do you start? Stories tell of a group springing out of the Forge, like the fabled warriors of legend these master-less warriors test their mettle for coin and camaraderie. They roam all the securities of space, seeking to hone their skills and open their minds as they follow the wind. Accepting contracts, defending the innocent, destroying those who get in their way.

You too could be here with us. You can learn from us, you can teach us. But no man or woman can truly restrain a Ronin Wind.

The Ronin Wind is seeking Pilots of all skill levels. Primarily focusing on newer players with a distinct interest in pursuing combat oriented careers within New Eden. We are a High Sec based group that enjoys operations in all arena’s Low, Null and Wormhole. Created by long term Spectre Fleet FC Roland Cassidy, we take pride in helping brand new players get their bearings in the game and introducing them to fleet based activities.

From Running Abyssal sites in trios of frigates, to daring raids into lowsec as a privateer pirate faction group alongside Spectre Fleet forces, our Merc’s are encouraged to jump into everything the game has to offer with the backup of veteran players without being pushed too far forward too soon only to ruin the joys of this amazing world.

Here we do not focus on ISK/hr. Instead we show our pilots the many ways they can enjoy their time online and take part of the community at large. Experienced players are extremely appreciated, regardless of focus. Industrialists and Market Traders are as welcome as hardened combat pilots as new players can always use advice.

Sound interesting? Find us in game at the chat channel “New Ronin” or join us on discord at Place an App or just PM Roland Cassidy

Alts welcome.

Play EVE, Have fun.

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