Blown By The Wind

Blown By The Wind is a fairly new alliance formed by a close group of friends varying in experience levels. We hold sov in eastern Etherium Reach (Dronelands) where we base for isk making activities and fleets. As our killboard shows we’re not the best pvp’ers but that will change over time as pilots get more skill points and experience. We’re looking for corporations and individual players to come out and join us.

What we offer:

  • Jump Freight (JF) service to alliance members.
  • PVP - Roams + Sov Defence.
  • Upgraded systems to rat and mine in.
  • Citadels with market services.
  • Voice Comms - Mumble.
  • Out of game chat service/fleet pings - Discord.
  • Alliance buyback service.

What we require:

  • Be on comms when online, even if just to sit in afk (helps with response times to threats).
  • At least 5 people in your corporation if joining as a corp, at least 5 Mill SP if joining as a player.
  • Friendly attitude toward others, we’re a small group so everyone gets to know each other.
  • Participate in the defence of our systems, if we don’t defend them we’ll lose them.

If you have any questions please send me an ingame mail.

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This is a great opportunity for all types of corporations! Like to mine its here, like to PVP we have that, like to build its here.

Join today and help finish off one of the remaining russian alliances in the dronelands.

still looking for brave recruits

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