[Sov Null PvP] Soft Blow LLC recruiting for PvP content

Soft Blow LLC is a PVP centered corp apart of Brotherhood of Spacers Alliance seeking more pilots. We are a laid back group that just wants to have fun, and provide a place for others to succeed at what they want to do.

What We Offer
-Daily content
-Experienced leadership / FCs
-Alliance infrastructure including Sotiyo, Keepstar, etc
-Alliance SRP
-Capital Warfare
-Excellent Logistics
-Mentor program

What we ask of you
-5 million SP
-Full API Key
-Willingness to join coms and go have fun in fleets

Perhaps you would like to know more? Feel free to convo Vulgus Carovigra, Official Diplomat, or join us for a BBQ in Soft Blow LLC Public Chat

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Recruitment is open

Forget renting, come be apart of sov null