Blown By the Wind, Sov Holding Alliance Looking For Corporations

We are Blown By The Wind o7

We are actively seeking CEOs and their Corporations to join our team to help build the Alliance from the ground up!

We are based in Null Security Space and have both short term and long term goals that we would like to achieve.

The Alliance Goals…

  • Build and train a solid PVP fleet
  • Organize a strong economic support core of miners and industrialists
  • Expand holdings and project power
  • Maintain and Protect Our Sov

What does our Alliance offer?

  • PVP Roams lead by experienced PVPers
  • Top flight nullsec ores, multiple ice belts, and High quality moon mining opportunities with boosts available.
  • Multiple pirate type ratting opportunities for ISK and salvage collection.
  • Our Citadels offer Market Facilities as well as the facilities to Refine, Manufacture and Research
  • Home within a coalition with a wide-scale Intel Channel network for security
  • Alliance Jump Freight Services
  • Non-Compulsory Alliance Buyback

What do we ask in return?

  • Corporation adherence to Alliance Policy
  • Pilots attend Alliance PVP Fleets as much as possible
  • Internal Corporate Audit of potential recruits for Security
  • Join in Alliance Fleets. (Mining, PVE or PVP)

Outside of these contributory requests, each CEO is Welcome to run their Corporation in the way that they consider.

I certainly hope you’ll consider joining our alliance and reaching these goals as part of our team.

Join Our in game Alliance Recruitment Channel: BLOWN-REC

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