The Somer Blink experience

All of his accounts were banned. He had no access to the eve servers. Outstanding winners were not “friends” or “alts” merely players on the site. What use is isk to a player that had no access to any of his accounts.

Unlike other copycat sites, Somerblink was never rigged or favoured any one player over another. All wins were randomly generated including the free ones.

CCP had to be part of Somer. The rate at which Capital ships, especially super carriers and Titans were given away, it would be impossible for the entirety of Eve players to produce them that fast. The only way it was feasible would be for CCP to be dropping them into Somer’s hangars. The time necessary to produce even a carrier, much less a titan just makes it impossible to have been player-made.

Yeah, cause theres no way to change your IP address, VPN doesnt exist…

And you know this how?

The problem with gambling sites that have no oversight, isny rigging. Its the inclusion of alts and sock puppet accounts.

Lets say there are 5 items that are up for betting. If somer had placed an alt account to take 40 percent of the slots of each bet, even if the selection is random, he basically recieves 2 of the 5 items for free at the cost of everyone else who bet on the item.

I mean, can you name all my alts? ALL of them? How wpuld you know which of my characters are actually my alts?

That would depend on whether somer was paying out the ships, or just the cost of the ship in isk. But there were, and even now, are a lot of titans and capital ships out there, so ita not necesarily impossible.

Do you know how long it takes to build a Titan? A battleship even? A BS is the better part of a day with full bonuses. The titan is ~1 month, at least was at the time SomerBlink was live. Don’t forget they were also giving away subcapitals many many times over what they were giving away in capitals. And each one of those ships has to have it’s own production slot… of which players are limited. So you can either suspend reality and accept that every production slot in the game was exclusively reserved for SomerBlink or you can come back to reality and understand that the entire thing was impossible without CCPs involvement. It was an ISK sink for CCP to suck up money from players in order to increase the demand for buying PLEX with IRL $$$$.

I preferred evebet.

Subcapitals have been completely flooding the market, so i dont understand your objection. Its not like there was a megathron shortage in the past couple years. There have always been thousands available on the market.

Also, i very much doubt the winning of a titan was both very common, and almost ever paid out instantly. Infact, if i remember correctly, almost every single item in somer blink had the option to be paid out in the isk value of the item. Its not like there were a lot of people requesting to have a titan insterad of a hundred bill. I mean, how many players could actually pilot one? And had a spare alt to sit in it all day at a pos? And were they sitting in jita, or were the winners told that it would take time to transfer a titan?

I would be surprised if even 1 out of every 100 titan winners actually ever opted to go for the item itself rather than thre cash equvalent.

I’m laughing that you believe Somer made the ships given away ( thanks this made my day)
Contracts were made for the winners, a team of fulfilment staff fulfilled those contracts by purchasing the item in Jita or as close as possible for capital ships. ( delivery was made by a team of haulers) If someone took the isk value instead of the ship the isk was paid directly to their wallet.

It’s a shame it was removed, the team was great.

Do you even know when SomerBlink was happening?? Yes, Titans and Supers were given away and played for often. When I was out of work and had all day every day to play Eve, I had a corp mate who played SomerBlink religiously. On TeamSpeak… A dozen times an hour… “I just won a Dread…” “I just won a Rorq…” “I just won an Orca…” “I just won a Nyx…”

One day of his winnings would take 5 accounts with maximum industry skills months to fulfill his winnings alone. While, yes, he did at times take ISK instead, he would more often take the ship and sell it at discount compared to market prices, while still making his profit because the entry ISK was a fraction of the market price. But the point is that when he chose the ship, he got the ship, no matter the size.

I played it dozens of times myself on sub-capitals and won some and lost some, but you could order up any ship at any time and within minutes the bets were full and everyone was on to the next.

Production for SomerBlink would have been absolutely impossible without developer intervention. There is no other way to look at it.

So, when he won a nyx, how was it delivered, and how fast?

I mean, titans and supercaps are notable in the fact that they cant be docked(back then). Rorqals and dreads can be docked and were even listed on the market for a very long time.

My understanding is lotteries are allowed if they’re in the form of a giveaway. There’s one called The BIG Lottery.

Entry is completely free.

Also Eve Radio regularly does giveaways.

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I never asked or played for a super myself so I don’t know. Are you suggesting that titans and super-carriers weren’t played for on Somer??

Tyg… is that you? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Im suggesting it took a while for them to deliver supers. Which makes sense, and with the number of supers on sale in the market forums even back then, not entirely impossible.

Although i dont know why your friend would take the ship then resell it at a loss instead of taking the isk equivalent. Then again since youre not posting on your main, everything you say is suspect.

Somer was an obvious RMT scam long before the ban. Up until the ban, CCP’s ‘punishment’ was handing unique assets to Somer to be raffled off. I quit this game between the raffle giveaway and the ban, entirely because I wasn’t interested in playing a game with that much outright favoritism.

They basically handed Somer a few trillion isk and said “What EULA?”

You spend ~20, 50, 100 Million ISK for a Somer slot on a 2 Billion ISK Rorqual.
Your number wins.
You sell the Rorqual for 1-1.5 Billion to a corpmate who can use it.
It may be a loss on potential, but then selling at market price is potential loss… Anything above the cost of the slot is pure 100% profit.

I told you though. You can take the ISK-equivalent of the item or ship in question. Thats always been an option, has it not?

So you spend 20, 50, 100 million isk for a somer slot on a 2 billion isk rorqual.
Your number wins.
You dont spend the time trying to move and/or sell a rorqual for 1-1.5 billion to a corpmate, and instead just get the cash equivalnt of 1.4 or 1.5 billion or whatever price they were at the time, directly deposited into your account.

100% profit.

WIthout the hassle of finding a buyer, selling it, and losing a little, or potentially quite a lot of isk.

Youre adding unnecessary steps, and losing ISK while doing so. Which, only an idiot, or someone who lied to you, would do. Maybe your friend was lying. Maybe he just wanted you guys to be jealous, or use his referral number and play SOMER so that he could cash in on your accounts.

Sorry, I don’t know how Tyg is.
I just kind of missed the excitement of spending a few million isk on the lottery.

Also, this thread took off :slight_smile:

All lotteries were banned in the aftermath of the (IRL) CSGO lottery lawsuits.

CCP didn’t want to take that risk.

Somer was banned earlier for being an RMT seller. Somer had an incentive scheme when you bought PLEX for IRL money through their affiliate link that was on the edge of being RMT (IMO it always was, CCP didn’t agree).

CCP eventually told them to stop the incentives. Somer refused, and so was banned.

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