Now that CCP has lifted the ban off ingame gambling

Will we see the return of sites like Somer Blink ?

If so when ? And how many guys here would like to see them return ?

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I don’t think you understand any of what happened before or what is going to happen…


Would you care to enlighten me ? As I don’t understand why this is a bad thing , I enjoyed playing blink

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  • Blink was… a player with a lot of ISK, buying up a lot of ships, and then running a raffle whereby other players paid ISK to try and win one of them.

  • HyperScam is… CCP “allowing” players to pay them cash money for permission to use the raffle interface whereby other players will pay cash money to try and win one of them.

One of these was player based, and revolved entirely around ISK. The other is CCP based, and revolves entirely around cash money going to CCP while players trade tokens for ships.


No. The difference between Blink and Hypernet is the difference between buying PLEX from CCPs website and buying PLEX from a third party non-authorized website.

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Um guys,


Faster than i thought…

Looks like I’m not the only person looking forward to what may come from this change in rules

Had some good times at Blink.

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Looks like one of the CSM is involved, so not really surprising, he already knew about it in advance.

I can’t wait for the meeting minutes.

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Ex CSM. from CSM 9.
He knows nothing.

I keep seeing people talking about a rules change. There is no change.
The rules were against a third party. CCP aren’t a third party

oh , so that means 3rd party apps like blink are still banned?

i think i get it now :slight_smile:

Yep, still banned.

Because, in part, they were an easy way to funnel RMT isk around. Just hidden in the other flows.

That hiding isnt really possible with this.

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If that’s the only difference, then CCP should get the money instead of some players getting absurdly rich. :smiley:

Tell that to the guys with a dozen Titans each. :smile:

ftfy, no need to thank me. Just please read the thing before you start spreading misinformation next time around.

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Essentially gambling and adding gambling mechanicsm to the game isnt a bad thing for CCP, only someone else making money on it was bad for them. When its CCP allowing addicts to indulge in the gambling addiction in the game directly, everything looks fine for CCP. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes… It’s a feature.

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