Question regarding in game fight betting

Hello! We have an upcoming proving tournament. Funding has already been secured for security, but monetization is still a concern for the event. It would be nice to pay back the investors. XD

With that, I’ve got a question. Is betting allowed in game? If so, how would it have to be handled?

All games of chance orchestrated by players are forbidden. But if you seek official advice a ticket would be your best bet (pun intended :wink: ).


I know the forum has a “lottery” that they do weekly, but what you are looking for im pretty sure is bannable, but do what tipa said and submit a ticket

If you think about the “Big Games Lottery”, that’s not betting or gambling after it was changed. Previously you had to buy tickets, after CCP changed the rules on betting, they turned it into a random giveaway.

Hmm! I don’t think fights are a game of chance though, are they? It’s more analysis than chance.
I’ll ask in a ticket soon, thanks for the advice. Let me stir the pot publicly some more first

Fight betting is less chance based, better for game health, and more fun than hypernet, so it should obviously be allowed, yes?

Bets on AT are forbidden too, CCP reserves the monopoly on all of this. You were not around when Somer Blink happened?


the name of the scandal is familiar but I don’t know the details. I was AROUND though lol
Does ccp monetize at betting or is it all illegal?

Anything that involves using CCP’s game (EVE online) to exchange RL dollars. Is 99% going to get sued/shutdown if you advertise this in public.

All illegal. Anything with RL $$$.

Like others said doing a giveaway (ISK, Plex, Loot) to the winner is the best way to go around hosting an event like that. Raffles are perfectly ok also. Do anything you want long as it doesn’t involve RL money/assets.

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we’re talking exclusively about in game betting using isk

I would recommend a giveaway. :man_shrugging: Sorry, was under the impression RL money was here.

The moment when you have to pay something, and based on that get something back enables the potential laundering machine, hence betting is forbidden. The fact that none of this exists anymore in public should be a good indicator.

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I’d agree with you fundamentally if the hypernet didn’t exist

Hyper net is a sc… ahem lottery driven and controlled by CCP. They sell the nodes in the store for effective cash (via PLEX).

OKAY so we’re moving on to a feature request for betting chips? XD

I would guess if CCP gets a share, it’s fine, sadly … :wink:

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it’s okay the house gotta make some money

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