The Space Beavers want you!

Space Beavers Inc.

We are the Space Beavers Inc., Legends Enclave´s main Corp.

We currently searching for player that are interested in:

  • PVP roams, small-/midscale
  • Miners and/or producer
  • People who are competent (or want to be competent in the Game), as well as people who dont mind helping other (new) players
  • We are beginners friendly, always feel free to ask anything
  • We do PVE, production and missions (lvl1-lvl5) in safe space
  • Even weekly R64 moons
  • And are currently located in LOW/NPC, 0.0 and highsec

The Legends Enclave Alliance is searching for people, who are willing to help to build and expand

That sounds interesting?
Make sure to contact us via:
Discord, Space Beavers Inc
or simply send me a message

Note: we dont just blind accept people, your interest should be in common with the Alliance interest, so you are going through a trial first (its not a hard one so dont worry ;), and just speak with us)

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