New Alliance " Legends Enclave" is searching for Corps and Members (DE/EN)

Legends Enclave(GER/EN)

New Alliance want to grow:

Our offer
-Buyback from PI, loot, Ore, Moon
-Up to R64 Moons available
-lvl 5 Missions in Bluespace
-crokite and gas
-Industrie, Mining, PVE
-Fleetactions, Gatecamps, Smallscale PVP
-low/high/NPC 0.0
-nullsec is Space is possible for crappstuff If there is enough interests

We searching
-New Corps or experts for the tasks above
-experienced PVP´er, FC´s, teachers to strengthen the team
-Industrialists, Traders,

reach me out, PM Nelson Higgens#8262 or join

Still recruiting

Got to get a Legend

come to us to be a legend

It´s going on

meet up the Legends and join

:grinning: Its cool

meet up the legends

Still recruiting

meet up the legends

Still recruiting, GER/EN

Still recruiting

o7 Pilots, Join us in LOWsec

o7 Pilots, Join us in LOWsec

Recruitment is open

Recuitment is open

Great Alliance, great guys, easy to learn from, very friendly.
Join the Discord!

Still recruiting guys ^^

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