New Alliance " Legends Enclave" is searching for Corps and Members (DE/EN)

Legends Enclave

Alliance (DE/EN) is searching for Corps with experience or starters, which want to play in Nullsec.
What we got so far:

  • Space in Guristasarea
  • Freighterservice to Jita
  • You can choose your content you want
  • Events and Groupactions
    -Tenal nullsec

We searching:
-PVP active players
-Indus, Miners, PVE´er
-Nullsec players

If you want to create something and get to be a Legend then reach me out or join our Alliancediscord
Legends Enclave or contact me directly Nelson Higgens#8262

Still recruiting

Got to get a Legend

come to us to be a legend

It´s going on

meet up the Legends and join

:grinning: Its cool

meet up the legends

Still recruiting

meet up the legends