THE STATE NEEDS YOU - Small gang low sec factional warfare


(Jackarvey) #21

Hey my guise, this corp is still hoppin’. Come check it out, we help the old and the new!

(Kalmaaron) #22

Biggest biceps in all the miltias right here!

(Kalmaaron) #23

Did someone order a bumbski?

(Kalmaaron) #24

Stop by our public channel TODAY

(Kalmaaron) #25

The grinder needs more meat!

(Kalmaaron) #26

Caldari has reached Tier 3 - more LP to be had!

(Kalmaaron) #27

Recruitment continues!

(Kalmaaron) #28

newbroskis and bitter vets alike are welcome

(Kalmaaron) #29

Back to the top

(Kalmaaron) #30

Systems fall everyday! Join the State TODAY!

(Kalmaaron) #31

Caldari is Tier 4! Join today to make dank Caldari LP

(Kalmaaron) #32

Great place to learn low sec PVP!

(Kalmaaron) #33

Daily bumpalump

(Kalmaaron) #34

Obligatory still recruiting daily bump

(Jackarvey) #35

Hi friends! It’s shooty time, come shoot with us. Murder not included

(Oshric Lothbrok) #36

I am interested. Please let me know next steps!

(Kalmaaron) #37

Join our public channel ‘The Pannion Domin Public’ and give us a wave

(Kalmaaron) #38

Tier 5 right around the corner

(Kalmaaron) #39