The Suicide Kings [T-S-K] <AT.0> - USTZ - LowSec NullSec PVP

The Suicide Kings is recruiting !

Currently looking for new member to join us in the life of LowSec and NullSec pvp.

TSK is an old corporation formed back in 2006. We have been a member of quite a number of PVP focused alliance over the years (Black Legion. TEST, TISHU). Currently we are founding member of Dreadbomb. [AT.0] . Our focus is to get content wherever in eve we can. Be it LowSec or NullSec.

Dreadbomb. offers USTZ and EUTZ content but T-S-K itself is focused on USTZ.

What we offer

  • LowSec medium to high scale PVP (Armor BS fleet and dread fights with Amulet Sets).
  • NullSec medium to high scale PVP. Currently owning sov in multiple regions of the south.
  • NullSec PVE and industrial infrastructure to offer a wide range of money making to our members.

What we require

  1. 1 Sub-Capital main (50m+ sp) With wide range of skills. (Machariel, Nightmare, Cerberus, Loki).
  2. 2 Capital ship alts. Be it dreadnaught, force aux or carrier.
  3. Full ESI Check prior to acceptation.

Are your friend with a current member of the corporation ? With his vouch the recruitment requirements will be lowered from 2 capital ship alts to 1.

How to apply ?

Join our IG channel : TSK Public
Join our discord

Join us for pizza!

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Stop by TSK Public so I can haze you

I’m a big fan of bumper cars.

Come and enjoy frags with us Battle Report Tool

I enjoy driving over speed bumps.

Looking for quality pilots.


Still looking

I went to the dermatologist to see all these bumps

One tectonic plate bumps into another…And says “sorry, my fault”

Took a break to bump because of pewpew :eyes: still recruiting


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