The Terran Colonial Navy [USTZ]

We are a small corporation based out of Amarr high-sec. We are also US timezone based with a primary focus on PvE activities such as Missions, Mining, Trade, Industry, and Exploration. We are looking for both Noobs and Vets!

What our corp has to offer:
☼ Low Tax Rate of 1% Only
☼ Friendly & Relaxed Atmosphere
☼ Access to Corporation Blueprint Library
☼ Access to shared loot
☼ A dedicated Discord server
☼ Regular and helpful Administration
☼ Up to LVL 4 Mission Fleets
☼ Lots of PVE :slight_smile:
☼ We are part of a wormhole alliance
☼☼ We are non-war declarable

What we are looking for:
☼ Desire to Succeed in New Eden
☼ Respectful & Polite to other Capsuleers
☼ Enthusiasm to join regular Corp Fleets
☼ Discord voice comms
☼ US Time zone is preferred but not required
☼ Real-Life Comes Before EVE!

Our corporate headquarters is in Kehour
Feel free to talk to us:

Recruitment still open

We are still looking for more pilots :slight_smile:

Hi, my brother and I might be interested in joining up. Do you guys operate near ice too?

Our corp does not necessarily operate near ice. We are in an WH alliance as mentioned in the ad. There are ice sites that appear in the WH region that our alliance controls.

Can you provide a new discord link? Previous one is broken

I have updated the link in our post. Also, putting it here

Recruitment still open

Recruitment still open

Recruitment still open

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