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About The Tuskers

The Tuskers are a PvP corporation, pure and simple. We dabble in piracy, recognising that in the past we were a low sec piracy corporation. We now engage in almost any type of PvP - if there are explosions, we’re interested! At the moment, a significant number of us are living in a wormhole, roaming out of it to where we may. Some gangs we’ve taken out:

RR Confessors:

Kiting Jackdaws:

What we can offer you is a home in New Eden and beyond, with a mature family of like-minded pilots beside whom you can fight, chat, and laugh. The Tuskers isn’t an elite or high-skillpoint corporation, but we do have some great pilots; come roam with us, and help us build a reputation of excellence.

Out of game, we communicate using Discord, discussing Eve as well as other games we play together, such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Blood Bowl, Dota and World of Tanks.

This is a classy corporation, so please don’t apply if you are fond of foul language, vulgar conversation, or posting “adult” images on the forums. We may be PvPers, but we’re not griefers; we don’t scam or talk smack, we treat our opponents with respect, and we always keep our word. We’re proud of our reputation for honouring ransoms, and we expect you to do the same.

If the above sounds great to you, please head over to our forums at for more information or speak to the people below:

CEO: Suleiman Shouaa
Directors: Christina Tsunemori, Glasi Vookto, Jaxley and Johnny Twelvebore
Public channel: The Tuskers Public Channel


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58mil Sp Char LF new home
Returning 19mil SP PvP pilot looking for new home
LF Medium Sized & Active WH Corp [72+ Mil SP]
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Returning pirate looking for WH PvP
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LF PvP corp, 57mil. SP, no CTA, 15:00 - 22:00 eve time
LF EU tz WH corp (80 mil sp)
Offer Accepted
Found a corp - thanks for all the great offers. Closed
Thread closed
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70m SP LF WH corp /w NS static USTZ
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160mill and lot of alts lf new corp
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120 mill sp toon with useful alts searching for pvp corp - no scrub allances please
154M SP Pure Combat Pilot looking for a home

Was in this corp once, they were great. Even getting into the corp was rewarding, in itself.


It is a great place, and one of the most chilled and laid back corps I’ve ever been in, as long as you don’t get kicks out of being an utter douche/troll.

The vids show some of the larger fleets but often there’s a small bunch of us just having a good laugh. There are guys that like to solo roam and pop in to join for the groups now and then. Pretty much whatever your play-style you’ll find something here. And nobody will tell you what you should/should not be doing which i found as a welcome relief (provided you follow the few guidelines we have on smack talk etc).

We took out a Loki gang last night (jumping from a Black Ops) and managed to bag two Carriers in <30 minutes:

Nidhoggur -
Thanatos -

Not bad for 8 Lokis, imagine what we can do with 9!

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Best corp I’ve ever been in. Mature pilots, good activity, wide range of pvp experiences (small gangs, solo, roamers, blops, quality FCs) pretty laid-back and relax (not childish) but dead serious when it comes about dunking gangs. Not for the lazy people, but the effort equals the feeling of actually learning something and improving about small-gang/solo pvp.

Two battle-reports from last night:

1: The initial fight started off in a very chaotic way off a gate, and we ended up trading unfavourably, and left the grid. After we had managed to set up on the other side of the gate, the second fight was set off after a Typhoon tried to get scram on our Mach with his MJD. We managed to shed a bunch of cruisers and various support.,509&b=7741250&e=90&t=rf

2: A Rorqual with a bunch of mining ships and an Orca activated his panic module in a mining anom. We only had three people in our gang, so we had no way of killing the Rorqual anyway, but we hung around to fight any support that warped in, and once the panic-timer was down, we killed some of their mining ships as well. We left after they brought in a Ferox gang.

A wormhole group gets caught at a safe. While we kill their gang, local residents form a nano-gang to fight us. The fight kicks off when we get back to the gate, and ships drop on both sides at an equal pace. At the end of the fight, once the grid is cleared, we have two people on left on field, as well as a Hurricane that had warped off as its last strip of duct tape was about to break.

Velsharoon is out on his own picking fights with Pandemic Horde who’s staged in the area. As a fleet forms, he calls for support, and we bring an Oracle and an Orthrus to compliment his Phantasm. The Horde kitchen sink gang warps in piecemeal, landing at both the gate and various wrecks from the previous fight. Some amazing anti-support work keeps tackle off my Oracle which is free to blap anything within 70km.

A Rorqual gets tackled in a mining anomaly, and two carriers warp in to save him. As additional support from our wormhole is making its way to the field, the pressure from enemy dps frees the Rorqual from tackle, but we manage to hold the carriers.

We tackle a Myrmidon on a gate. At this point we have three people out in null. A Nidhoggur with very light support enters the field, at which point we start calling for support. We lose tackle and it exits the field, but for some reason it warps back in, at which point additional tackle from our side enters, and we manage to secure tackle. More subcap support warps in, and as the Nidhoggur enters structure, a HAW Revelation and an Apostle is cyno’d in. The Apostle never triages, however, so the Nidhoggur eventually dies before the Rev is able to clear enough dps. We pull range because the the damage and projection of the Rev is too oppressive to get tackle on any more capitals.

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I only just joined yesterday but I can confidently say this will be a home for me in the indefinite future of my eve career. Strong and capable community. Friendly guys. Players are competitive but not unrealistically try hard. Respects and promotes the solo lifestyle if you are not interested in participating in some of the larger gangs. Staging out of a wormhole with a null sec static is great for keeping the game fresh and opens up all of New Eden to you. First day Battle report.

Join Tuskers!

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What timezone(s) are you guys active usually?

We are most active in EU TZ / early US TZ, but our other timezones are no slouch. You can check out our activity on our killboard at

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We bagged a Rorq last night; good times. :partyparrot:

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Some guys were out roaming and had their return-gate camped by BRAVE. They called for anti-support, and anti-support is what they got. We proceeded to shed tackle, pick off isolated targets, repeat.


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A couple of good fights we had recently:

Me and a candidate went on a duo roam to get to know each other and see if he’s a good fit for the Tuskers. We started harrassing the nullsec locals until they responded with a small fleet of T3s and support/. We waited until the T3 fleet left went back and started fighting their 3 T3s, Stratios, Dominix, support and later 2 Gilas. We killed their tackle, then proceeded to kill the Stratios, Legion and Proteus. The second Proteus got out in hull and they left grid. Hoodie came to help in a Mach but only in time to kill a straggling Talos. Over 2B in kills, not bad for a Gila and Nosprey.

Second fight started with me poking around in my Comet. They had a sniping Tempest and a Kitsune but they were still afraid to engage me. Only when they brought a Cynabal and Hyena they manned up and went for my Comet. I warped to a Sleeper site trying to separate them and kill the Keres (which I did). Hoodie was coming back from a roam and he came to help in his Mach, but they all ran apart of a Kitsune. I managed to tackle their Tempest with my alt 100km from the gate and they started coming to save him. They brought a Caracal gang with 2 Ospreys. We reshipped in the hole and brought a couple more dudes as backup and proceeded at killing first their logi then the Caracals. After this I was looting the field with my alt when they undocked a Drake fleet, this time with 3 logis. Call went out, we came back, the Keres did his job and we killed a couple of Drakes before they all ran. The BR shows some of us two or three times, as we reshipped.

I 'm writing these short AARs to give you guys a picture of what kind of fights to expect while in Tuskers and how they usually develop. If you’re interested in this type of gameplay, get in touch with us :wink:

Solo, Small gang, Cap killing and one of the best communities on offer in New Eden. Our requirements are not nearly as tough as you would imagine so come join the fun.

Been rolling out into Nullsec more and more, finding the ever elusive ‘gud fites’ with larger entities.

Found a carrier and went to work, a shiny PvP Rattlesnake brought more of a fight and ended up dropping a massive amount of Agency/Warzone event loot.

Found a full on mining op, Rorq + half a dozen hulks, bubbles are dropped and the fleet gets in to fight. We take them all down but lose a Tengu (already replaced), a cyno is lit on a local citadel, 2 Nyxes, 2 FAXes and 2 Nidhoggurs jump in and warp to the fight, we saw them coming and get an almost clean extraction with some of the Rorq loot.

Come have a look if you are into small gangs, smashing carriers, roaming around, dragging fights across whole grids and littering wrecks everywhere.

So today is the story of the little sabre who could!
Get his own alliance killed that is.
Casual Friday rolling occurred and we got a spot into Geminate.
After a few guys poked there head out of the hole in the wormhole system a little enemy sabre popped on grid. And overheated its believe & bubbled our ships. Once the bubble landed A thanatos undocks and warps thinking its easy pickings… very quickly getting caught by the second bubble the sabre launched before dying.
In the 60s the bubble took to despawn we had reshipped and the fight was afoot.
Pings went out. Sabres where suicide’d to keep bubbles up. And we began to haze whatever came on grid to fight back.
From kitchen sink fleets of orthrus, gila, and random frigates.
To dropping a super and fax’s and carriers. We remained true. Until the enemy finally formed a cerberus fleet which we hazed logi until we lost tackle on most of the carriers, killing 1, getting one into 10% shields.
Winning the field and looting the spoils.

Strong group who gets online, finds a fight, blows up spaceships, and grabs lunch. There is no grinding, no politics, no drama. Mistakes are met with feedback that is constructive and decisive. The meta discussions are as engaging as the PvP: from whaling fleet comps, to reasons why you should save your ISK and buy a Nomen instead of a Phantasm. Best decision I’ve made since buying my first PLEX.

Glasi, our content creator extraordinaire, tackled a Rorqual three jumps from our exit in Querious and we rageformed a heavy shield gang. As the Rorqual entered low structure, the locals warped in a Caracal and rail Hyperion fleet. As the Caracals went up in flames a Revelation jumped in next to the Rorqual, but the Hyperion fleet moonwalked out almost immediately afterwards.

Joined a few days ago and can only say 10/10 corp. 50 kills on the first weekend and a lot of fun, would recommend.