Therapy. is a small to large gang fleet set up in Pandemic Horde focused on helping each other learn the Basics, working towards mastering the different play styles in the game. When part of our community we aim to help each other learn how to Make ISK and be self-sufficient all the way to blowing up ships on your own or with the group.

Being in Horde has offered us the opportunity for more challenges in EvE, we are hoping to find more like-minded players so want to work through those challenges with us.

Our Website -

Our Discord -

What we can offer:

  • Content/Targets: The Content is brought right to our front door.
  • 100% Focused on Community and making sure everyone can succeed!
  • Help reaching Goals.
  • Bellow Market Cost on Caps/Supers for active members that go that direction.

What we offer constantly changes when new people bring things to the table. People that want to contribute always are welcome to.

What we are looking for in you:

  • Laid back/Good attitude - We like to have fun and Troll but we got to remember to respect our fellow players, know when thing go too far.
  • Activity/Communication: As we have players ranging of age in corp we have pushed for a more laid back atmosphere. Real-life comes first, when you have time to play or just hang out on comms.
  • 7 Million Skill points, Some activity on the Kill board would be appreciated
  • Train into our Doctrines
  • A Working Mic - Active hanging out and chilling is what makes eve community worth staying for.
  • Full ESI Tokens on Characters.

If joining a atmosphere of players helping each other progress and hanging out sounds like a good Idea to you, Join our discord and have a chat. We also have a public channel in game Called “Therapy Public”

Bump Hello Weekend


We’re still actively looking for new members! Drop by our discord to find out just how mad we are.

still recruiting get on board now and enjoy the frags

Just a update to this thread

Therapy. has left Pandemic Horde and have started on a new adventure as the lead corp in the resurrected KIA Alliance.

We’re still looking for good pilots but also good Corps to help build a friendly, fun, non-toxic environment for us all to enjoy.

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