There was an error validating your account

(Amadeus Gaila) #41

i have this issue right now. Is there a server problem?

(Thimbes Alt) #42

I’m also having this problem right now - sounds like it might be effecting others.

(Fzhal) #43

Having this problem too.

On the affected account, I can’t even login to

(Amadeus Gaila) #44

Does CCP technical support work on weekends?

(Christopher Joseph Souder) #45

Fix it CCP

(addelee) #46

Reinstalling or doing anything to the client won’t change anything tbh.

I’d bet a few people have the 2 step authentication and either way, may not be the issue but you can’t even login to the website else you get this

(Sonw Diao) #47

Having the same problem, can anyone fix it? **********

(sshaggy en Daire) #48

Was having this issue, but not anymore. Put in support ticket and the response was a mass problem. Must be fixed now

(addelee) #49

Was an issue with the authentication servers. apparently fixed (for now)

(Commander Linski) #50

I had this exact issue. Couldn’t get into game or website account management. I then updated my ethernet card driver and rebooted. That Fixed It.

(Christopher Joseph Souder) #51

Finally got their @#### in gear.

(Joel Otsada) #52

So open EVE/SharedCache/sisi/bin/LogServer.exe under Tools click on clear empty processes. then restart the client. this worked for me.
or perhaps they fixed it and it was nothing to do with client end…lol

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