Third Time's the Charm - Brisc Rubal for CSM 16

I know, but there’s gotta be a better way of doing that without needing a specialized system that is bottable and completely different from every other mechanic in the game.

I don’t see one in the sandbox. To restrict ship sizes you need gates. To make people want to be behind gates, you need to put a carrot behind.

That’s why you and I aren’t the game designers. I’d like to see a redesign that takes into account all the stuff that’s wrong with FW now and makes it more fun, dynamic and lucrative while not being easily botted.

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budgeting for projects, i name a tab trade add a bill and buy and sell out of it. Have a manufacturing tab so i can see if my industry makes a profit.

I can make npc bounties go to a pvp tab for my pew budget etc.

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Create a corp, problem solved!?

I am in a corp in a wormhole with my friedns, we teach newbro’s to pvp and survive in j-space. why should I leave it for a simple QOL change?

I’ll put it on the list.

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3rd time ?

Go away Putin !

I’m not even close to being the most tenured CSM member, lol.


Once again you got my vote brisc.

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Honestly the standing requirement doesn’t have to be lowered if they gave you access to missions or increased how much standings you get for kills.

Is it the overall income of WH space or is it more of a ISK per capita you believe is the issue here. Do you consider the difference between a small group running in a C2/3 WH vs a large alliance owning mulitple C5 farm holes. Low class holes share alot of the same risk and the isk they generate is very low but no one seems to ever differentiate between them and usually just simply lump us all together. Is there any way for CCP to try and tell us how many unique characters cash in blue loot to get an idea of how many people are running sites.

You are on my voting list

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It’s basically the same thing - whether they lower the standimngs requirements or increase the standings gains, they need to make it easier to get around inside Pochven.

I think there’s two things - I think the per capita income is a question and then I also want to make sure that the income streams in WH space are diversified enough that they can get the same opportunities as folks in K-space.

A lot of FW guys in my alliance will day trip into C3 space to get isk because the LP from plexing/killing militia generally doesn’t cover the cost of playing in FW and FW Mission running is frowned upon. You’ve said that you want to remove FW Missions (yay) and plexes as well to combat botting (mostly yay). Do you have any idea for how FW would be able to get enough isk to FW through FW with those changes?

Whatever they add as part of the replacement would have to include incentives to do the stuff - whether it’s loot, bounties, LP or something else. What would you guys prefer in that regard?

Brisc Rubal is forever the CSM of my heart <3

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That is a great question. I will need to thing about it and come up with some possible answers. We’ve never considered the possibility that Plexes and Missions would be removed, just missions. One thing that we have talked about is incentivizing larger ship in the Warzone. Currently there is no real reason to run a large/open plex outside of trying to get through as many plexes as possible as it increases/decreases the contested level of the system the same amount as a novice/small, which are considerably shorter. A way to incentivize the use of larger ships and cut down on the coercer offensive plex botting would be to reverse the current length of the plex timers. Instead of open/large being the longest, the novice would be the longest and the open/large would have the shortest timer.

I think Brisc deserves to have like a permanent seat on the CSM board. This man is very easily reachable, will never ignore you or avoid conversations with you and he will do his absolute best to help you as much as he can! He has game knowledge and he is also one of the very few people you will see engaging in local with everyone and plays the game on a daily basis. I am very proud and happy that I got to meet and hang out with Brisc during my time in the Imperium and I feel very lucky and happy that I can call Brisc a Friend ! Best of luck to you Brisc, out of everyone, I think that you deserve to win the most ! #BRISC4CSM16


Brisc Is an amazing dude who’s done a lot for the game and has my votes :slight_smile: