Fourth and Out - Brisc's Final Campaign for CSM

One Last Time - Re-elect Brisc Rubal to CSM 17


Brisc Rubal is a veteran EVE Online player, nullsec PvPer, EVE media personality and CSM member. He first came to EVE Online in 2006, and has been all around New Eden. Between his service on the CSM and his streaming, Brisc has become one of the most widely-known EVE players in the game.

He’s been a high sec mission runner. He’s done some time on the Tama gate camp and lived off a couch in low sec. He’s lost two titans, including one in M2-XFE live on stream, and still is in the top 25 all-time for Nergal kills. For much of his active career he’s been an active subcap and supercapital pilot in nullsec, currently serving as an F1 monkey in the Initiative, and he’s even managed to sneak an alt into KarmaFleet, where he is, as Merkelchen likes to say, the “only director in the Corporation who isn’t actually in the Corporation.”

He serves as co-host of Imperium News Network’s “The Meta Show,” the most watched EVE Online talk show, and joins his best friends Innominate and Merkelchen six days a week on RampageInc, one of the most-watched USTZ EVE streams and is part of the EVE Partner Program. He also streams EVE on his own Twitch channel, and creates videos, usually for the Meta Show, on his YouTube channel. He was elected to CSMs 13, 15 and 16.

Despite frequent accusations, he is no relation to Fountain Frank. He looks nothing like Brisc. Stop with the conspiracy theories, people.

Despite being space famous, he is still not an FC, not an alliance leader (although he’s frequently accused of running INIT), not a corporation CEO nor a diplomat. He’s still addicted to this game, plays almost every day, and there’s plenty of proof in the form of empty beer bottles, dead structures in Feythabolis, and photos of him in hot tubs on Onlyfans.

In real life, Brisc Rubal is the online persona of Brian Schoeneman, a veteran lawyer and politician in the United States. In his day job, he represents America’s largest seafaring union in the halls of Congress and the White House. He’s run for office twice, testified before the U.S. Congress multiple times , served as chief elections administrator in the largest county in the Commonwealth of Virginia (with over 1 million residents), served as Special Assistant and Senior Speechwriter for a U.S. cabinet secretary, got verified on Twitter , taken a nap smack dab in centerfield at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and Rachel Maddow even apologized for making fun of him on TV.

My EVE Online Story

My EVE Online story begins, oddly enough, in Star Wars: Galaxies. One of my college friends and I had been planning on playing SWG since it was announced, and when it was launched in 2003 we hit the ground running. We built a solid guild from the ground up, and I joined SOE’s version of the CSM, their “Player Correspondent Program,” and was the longest serving member until the game shut down.

After SOE decided to ignore their Correspondents and destroy the game that my buddy and I loved, we looked around for a new game to play that could scratch that itch. I started playing World of Warcraft, and he started playing EVE Online. After a year or so, in July of 2006, he finally convinced me to try out EVE. I did.

Swing, and a miss. I was intimidated by the game – spent most of my first couple of months docked in a station training my training skills. I remember the first time I ever undocked from a station expecting to be immediately killed by other players, given the game’s reputation. In any event, it didn’t hold my attention. I would pop in to run a mission or two every month or so, and I bounced around, tried to join a corporation (I can’t even remember which one now), and just didn’t really get into it. This was me for the next ten years – every couple of months coming back and playing by myself, running missions, training my account, salivating over someday getting to fly a Raven, but not really enjoying myself. I never made it past lowsec.

It wasn’t until 2016 that I finally got back into the game permanently. A real-life political buddy of mine was highly active in the game, and he’d joined up with a group up in Tenal. He wanted me to join, so I resubbed and decided to move up there. I had nothing more than an Osprey Navy Issue (which I immediately lost to a PL gate camp in lowsec) and my skills. I finally made it up to Tenal and got into EVE Online proper. What made it different this time? I had friends to play with. I had a corporation that helped me figure things out. I finally got to PvP where I had a reasonable chance at winning. All of that combined to get me, after ten years, finally addicted to EVE Online. The longest I have gone without logging in since was the two weeks I was banned in 2019.

After joining my first nullsec corp, I spent the next six months relearning the game, unprogramming all the high sec stuff I had learned over the years and getting into nullsec PvP. I was flying with DRONE WALKERS at the time, and in January of 2017, I joined STK-Scientific, which was, at the time, one of the core corporations in DW, with the Alliance executor being a member. I was recruited to join them because I was, in the words of our current CEO, “the only guy who was willing to actually PvP and defend his space.” As part of STK and DW, we participated in all of the major wars during the first half of 2017, including the Battle of M-O, and we stayed in WALKA until we were stabbed in the back by CO2. After being evicted from Tenal by Adversity, we ended up on TEST’s couch in Catch, and were finally given space in Feythabolis. I lost my first ratting carrier to Inner Hell down there. CO2 decided they wanted the space and we were told by WALKA to move back to Catch. Live in Catch? ■■■■ no. So STK left DW and went back to the Initiative, joining Initiative Mercenaries. After two months, we made the jump from IM to INIT proper and I’ve been there ever since.

It was around that time that my STK brothers started harassing me to run for CSM. I told them no over and over, and they finally wore me down. I decided to run, ran a professional campaign, with website, TV commercial , paid advertising, appearances on many EVE related Twitch streams and podcasts including Open Comms, Talking in Stations , Declarations of War, and Mindclash, and memes galore. I was invited to join the Open Comms team, which I did until I left the show in early 2021.

Thanks to all of you, I was elected to CSM 13. While on CSM 13, I maintained a reputation as being one of the most approachable and active CSM members. I held a number of town halls and forums, I was active in over 20 EVE discords, continued my appearances on a variety of EVE media, single-handedly did the CSM roundtable at EVE Vegas in 2018, and attended both CSM summits in Iceland. I made it a point to post on Reddit and the EVE-O forums, and I went out of my way to represent the players to CCP. I reached out to underserved communities, including Wormholers, Faction Warfare and Lowsec pilots, and High Sec mission runners (of which I remain). During that time, I continued to play the game daily, managed to lose a Titan, helped evict Hard Knocks from Rage, made some funny videos and avoided all positions of responsibility within my corporation and alliance.

All of this came crashing down in April 2019, when I was accused of violating the NDA and was permanently banned, alongside INIT’s two lead FCs, Pandoralica and Dark Shines. After working with CCP, we were able to clear our names and I was reinstated, NO COLLUSION, TOTAL EXONERATION, two weeks later. Given that I have never hidden who I am, the impact on my personal life from the false accusations was significant, and I chose to step down from the CSM and not run for a second term in 2019.

I spent that 2019 killing people in EVE. After I left the CSM 13, I went out on fleets almost every day, ratted and mined (usually under duress), participated in almost every Saturday Night Swarm with KarmaFleet (unless there was a UFC PPV on), attended EVE Vegas 2019 and EVE London 2019, lost a Widow to Pinecones in Syndicate, joined the Meta Show as co-host, and did my best to remain an ambassador of the game to the rest of the gaming community.

But, as is often the case, when you’ve been in the game and you’re suddenly watching it from the sidelines, the desire to get back in can become overwhelming. I also felt like there was still some feeling in the community that while I had been exonerated by CCP, that I had somehow bullied the company or otherwise was guilty of what I was charged with, and I knew that one of the only ways to shut up those critics would be to run for CSM again and serve a full term. So, while I enjoyed my break, I knew that I had to at least give it one more chance. So after some soul searching and the blessing of MrsBrisc, I decided to run for CSM 15.

Thanks to the help of players across New Eden, I got elected to CSM 15 by an even larger margin than my CSM 13 victory, and I hit the ground running. As one of the returning veterans, I quickly worked to help get the new guys up to speed and prepare them for the new reality of CSM-via-videoconference. I established myself as the unofficial note taker for the CSM, documenting almost every single meeting held, and providing transparency in semi-monthly updates to players about what was happening internally on the CSM. I attended more than 90% of the 50 meetings held during CSM 15. I worked hard to be everywhere that players were, responding to questions via EVE Mail, Discord, Reddit, the official forums and on a variety of EVE Media. At the same time, I kept playing the game every day, hosted marathon livestreams of multiple Keepstar fights in NPC Delve (while playing) as well as anchoring a 14 hour breaking news stream for the first battle of M2-XFE (while losing a Titan - one of the first five to die on the Imperium side), and also anchored INN coverage for the second battle as well.

Throughout CSM 15, I worked hard to bring player concerns to the developers and succeeded in a number of major efforts, including advocating quality of life fixes like adding jump gates to the auto-navigation feature, among other changes that were very well received by the player base. Finally, I did my best to demonstrate to players that the CSM is more than just a group of famous players getting a free trip to Iceland, especially since there was no trip this year. This year was pure hard work, and I made sure to put in my fair share. The results speak for themselves.

And, of course, I got CCP to fix the Red Dot.

Riding high on the wave of community adulation that resulted from getting the red dot fixed, I chose to run for CSM 16, focusing my attention on opposition to CCP’s continued attempts to “fix” the in-game economy, which resulted in significant disruptions across New Eden and the effects of which are still being felt today. In addition, I continued to push for player-driven ideas for positive game changes, like advocating for a fix to AFK cloaky camping, the creation of capital and supercapital specific ratting sites, and continued efforts to get smaller gameplay and quality-of-life fixes that player had been asking for.

Thanks to all of you, I was elected by my widest margin ever on CSM 16, being the 4th player elected to the Council. CSM 16 was the most difficult CSM that I served on. In addition to the continued lack of in-person summits because of COVID-19, strained relationships as a result of the big nullsec war, and CCP’s continued scarcity and industry changes made serving on CSM 16 a significant challenge. Nonetheless, I worked hard to help deliver a number of wins for the community, including the creation of the mobile observatories (as a fix to AFK cloaky camping), the creating of the CRAB beacons, a number of quality-of-life improvements like including ansiblex jump gates in the in-game routing system, showing the exact time and date structures come out of reinforcement for the math challenged (like me), and fixes to citadels like lifting the damage cap on shield timers and restricting Keepstar doomsdays to capital ships, so I could someday end my reign as the “most doomsdayed player of all-time.”

My Areas of Expertise

I am primarily a null-sec PvPer. I’ve spent the bulk of the last six years in PvP alliances. As a result, I’m well versed in subcap PvP, large group PvP, capital PvP (including Titans and supercarriers), and the attendant politics that go into that area of space. Because of the work we’ve done in and around wormholes, I’ve learned a lot about them, although I would hesitate to call myself an expert (except to troll the small knot of humorless wormholers who are some of my biggest fans) in that area. I continue to run missions in high sec, I have a structure that I maintain in high sec so I’m familiar with structure and some logistics aspects of the game, and despite my ardent attempt to not learn anything about mining, I know far too much about it thanks to the krabs in my corp.

My other areas of expertise are outside of the game, but complimentary to it. As an EVE media personality, I know how to run a Twitch talk show, and I’m one of the more professional podcast/talk show hosts in the StreamFleet community. As a real life lobbyist, former public official and attorney, all of my daily professional skills are exactly the kinds of skills needed to be successful on the CSM – how to build relationships, work collaboratively, function in a group professional setting, and use the art of persuasion to maximize positive results for my constituents.

I also believe that my past experience with CCP, both on the CSM, in the EVE media sphere, as well as having been accused, banned, and exonerated by the company gives me a unique perspective on the game and the company from other CSM candidates. One thing that players can count on is that, thanks to my experiences, I am nobody’s sycophant, and I will speak truth to power on their behalf.

I have spent the last year holding CCP accountable for bad decisions that wrecked the player economy and drove players from the game in droves, and I will continue to do that if elected to a final term.

Why the Hell Are you Running Again and What Can Players Expect from a Fourth and Final Brisc Rubal Term?

I am frequently asked why I am running again, especially given my public statements about how difficult the last term was, and the frequent issues I’ve had while serving, from getting banned to real-life death threats and harassment. These questions have arisen quite a bit more as the public perception that “CCP doesn’t tell the CSM anything” has grown, especially after a number of errors on CCP’s part in not informing the CSM of controversial ad campaigns, game changes and other announcements that angered the player base.

My answer to this is simple: somebody has to do it, and I’m pretty good at it. Whether players like the CSM or not, CCP wants it, and thus if it is going to be as effective as it can be, it needs good players who will do the work, show up, participate, and interact with CCP and the community in good faith. The CSM is not a sinecure. It’s not a reward for being space famous or for being a good streamer or a good FC. It requires time, effort and dedication to be effective, and I have served with far too many CSM members who did the bare minimum (or less). The players deserve to be represented by someone who will put the time and hard work into the job, and that is simply a work-ethic that is engrained in my DNA. By asking you to vote for me, I am committing myself to another year of being the most accessible CSM member, and I will do everything in my power to listen, respond and interact with players from around New Eden. While I may not always agree, and I’m never going to hold back sharing my opinions, I will always advocate on behalf of players and playstyles, even those I don’t like or ideas I disagree with. This is how I view the role of CSM, and this is how I’ve chosen to serve.

I am also concerned by how much institutional memory is going to be lost this term. This CSM will see at least 6, and maybe more, new members joining it. With the loss of Innominate, I will be the longest serving incumbent running for reelection this year. I take the responsibility of becoming the CSM’s “dean” seriously, and I hope that I’ll be able to be a mentor to the many new CSM members who will be serving on CSM 17.

Finally, I want to be clear that this will be my final campaign for CSM. I do not intend to run again in the future. I’ve done my time and with the establishment of term limits, this gives me a natural place to end my career, assuming I can get reelected once again. I want to make sure that other players who want to serve have the opportunity I’ve had.

What players can expect from my final term in office is the same thing they’ve gotten for the last three - I will work hard every day on behalf of all of the players of EVE Online, regardless of playstyle, where they live (in New Eden or in real life), or what they do in the game. I want EVE Online to survive and thrive, into its third decade, and I will do everything I can to provide good advice, feedback and ideas to CCP as they work to ensure that it does.

Jesus, this is a long ■■■■■■■ post.


Brisc’s List

Since the first campaign in 2018, Brisc has kept a list of player ideas that he’s supplemented with ideas and agenda items he will bring up with CCP during each term. Many of these items have found their way into the game over the last four years. This is Brisc’s last term on the CSM before term limits kick in, so he intends to focus on items in the following areas (and these will be updated throughout the campaign as new ideas come in):

CSM 17 Big Ideas and Agenda

#1 Content generation for all areas of space

  • FW/Lowsec Revamp
  • Revamp the mission system and add new missions
  • Revamp the career agents to extend the NPE training process
  • Bring income generation in the rest of space in-line with abyssal PvE and WH wealth generation
  • Update the DBS to make 100% the floor, and 200% the max
  • Fix the reserve bank key issues so more of these sites are run, more keys produced, more reserve banks heisted by non sov-holders
  • Continue tweaking the price and isk generation for CRAB beacons to ensure they are providing a proper risk/reward

#2 Refreshing the game to keep it interesting for vets (and some nostalgia)

  • New ships and drones
    • Trig Titan
    • Edencomm Dreads
    • Trig drones
    • Supertitans (reduced DD time, increased cost and EHP)
    • “Pirate” ships with bonuses based on negative sec status
  • New types of citadel models
  • Skins of old ship models
  • More saved ship fittings
  • Allow citadel owners to pay for mission agents to be based in those citadels
  • Sov changes,
    • Merging the TCU and IHUB
    • Allow sov holders to upgrade their space in a variety of ways through those structures
  • Every nullsec region has some NPC null space with at least one station
  • Open the third gate in Pochven home systems to allow connections between them
  • Open Pochven anchorages in home systems so they can be used, including for use in industry and provide them with similar bonuses to upwell structures

#3 Fix broken ■■■■

  • Allow players to disable the delivery hanger
  • Allow players to delete items in citadels and asset safety
  • Allow players to refine, repackage, repair, contract and sell items from cans, and to reorganize cans outside a station/citadel
  • Allow players to repackage multiple ships at the same time
  • Stations should treat jump clones the same way citadels do (i.e., allow jumping between clones in a station without a 24 hour timer)
  • Rats should not be able to target you from 10000k
  • Acknowledge and address repeated and multiple player issues with the ESI
  • Fix AI on Pochven rats so some are no longer AFK
  • Ensure that all cans that drop from a dead structure are lootable (and all items in those cans)
  • Update the corporation and alliance panels to make them more user friendly
  • Additional corp hangers
  • ACL updates and additions to a variety of existing systems
    • Shareable ACL lists for standings
    • ACLs for individual hangers
    • Allow players to see whose ACL lists you are on and block those you don’t want to access
    • ACL for player wallets
  • PI revamp
    • Reduce size of PI materials
    • Reduce clicking
    • Allow for shared/saved templates
    • PI on the toilet (PI in the EVE Portal App)

#4 Player-friendly monetization – let us pay you for what we actually want

  • More skins
    • Corporation skins
    • Alliance skins
    • Structure skins
    • Internal structure skins
    • Bronze Megathron skin
    • Helios police skin
  • Cat ears
  • Additional clones per account
  • New player photo backgrounds
  • New corp logo graphics
  • Increased alliance/corp/personal contracts
  • Player created advertising in game

#5 CSM-related changes

  • More transparency on the CSM
    • CCP takes notes/minutes of meetings and publishes them monthly
    • CCP reviews videos and releases those that are no longer NDA due to release of public material
  • End term limits
  • Two summits per year
  • Better metrics released to players on player activity
  • Ombudsman for banned players

#6 Miscellaneous player-requested changes

  • Tech 2 Reactive Armor Hardeners
  • “Drones Choose Independent Target” option under drone aggression
  • Links/Boost apply to tethered ships
  • Logi on killmails
  • HICs can light cynos
  • Increase Revenant fighter bay size
  • Asset safety tab includes cost to redeem items
  • Jump formations, like fleet formations
  • Alliance medals

I approve of this candidate


I would vote you even if you break your promise and run for a fifth time (which I actually hope you do, because I think you are a great asset for the community to have & for CCP)


Talking of yourself in the third person, isn’t that narcissistic?

Not once did you even mention the ESI API or third party developers I see too.

I hope that you are successful in running for another term which I am sure you will get on. I appreciate your love for the game as well.

Although I have said mean things to you and others on reddit, which I had to apologize for later, I appreciate that it was water off a ducks back and you still entertained my concerns for the game and read my walls of texts.

Hope you continue to have fun in eve, in the CSM or not!


I’m voting for Brisc. He’s regularly active on the EVE forums, which I appreciated.

(And because of Fountain Frank.)

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Good afternoon friend,

We, the committee for the reelection of Brisc Rubal to the CSM have challenged Brisc each year to express himself in new an innovative ways.

We knew that Brisc Rubal was unique when he joined our corp, and he accepted our trolling of him to run for CSM with stride and were more than pleased when he ran and won his first term. This also meant he could not continue to run the same campaign style each time.

While his communication skills are outmatched in most area’s, philosophers would say that variety is the spice of life. With that thought in mind each campaign he has run, there has been a slight shift in presentation.

His first term displayed his subtle and hidden talents at joke telling via a campaign video and moving on to his reverse trolling us with a pancake cat video on his second term. Video production has since scaled considerably.

He grew a beard, embraced memes, bought a giant banana and did a hot tub video. His list that grows weekly as he casts a galaxy wide map to the player base for their ideas and concerns has been there since day one, but the image and presentation change with the times.

This makes him both predictable and reliable with a study message and goals, but open to change, as a good CSM member should be.

While most people on the CSM would try to contain their enthusiasm by attempting to display a stoic face to the citizens of New Eden, Brisc Rubal routinely sacrifices his dignity and time in an effort to both entertain the players, and better the game. This is not narcissism friend, this is the exact opposite.

This time around we challenged him to expand on his writing skills, so he chose to write this post in third person. This forces him to critically challenge his thinking and writing of each sentence to both get the message across, in a unique way but make it understandable to as wide of an audience as possible.

You call this narcissism, we call it adaptation and growth.

While we can spin text here and disagree, what is undeniable is the lengths Brisc Rubal will go to repreent you, to CCP on the CSM.

Thanks for reading and have an excellent day!


I have poured through years and years of CSM notes, and I think i can conclusively say that Forum trolls like the one you have addressed are grossly under represented by the CSM!

For too long have their incessant trolling on the eve forums gone unsupported! fighting the ISD’s and hiding behind random alt names due to dire need to protect their identity (not to be confused here with cowardice that it may seem) so i ask today! what is Brisc doing for the everyday Eve online forum troll? what have you done for the emotional unsupportive clown Brisc!?

He will vote for a CSM member who got results, a CSM member who has not even applied to be a CSM candidate! thats how its done around here.

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You know what brisc i argree with most of what u want there.
Im not a goon probably never will b but you are the only csm i see regularly on here. Good job :clap:


It goes back and forth, as part of it is bio, part of it is my talking first person.

Thanks for reminding me about the ESI stuff. I knew I forgot something big.

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It excites me that you mentioned Pochven and the Triglavians. I doubt Pochven will get a representative at the table, so it falls to others to represent us on our behalf. The so called “Triglavian Crisis” or better known as invasions not only changed things up, but brought a spark back to many players that were involved. It was an evolving storyline and had such an impact that even people not involved followed it. If you can hold to your promises on pushing for Triglavian content, by ship designs, uses for the Anchorages and many others stated above, i have no doubt you will gain the support of the vast majority of Pochven and Trig aligned players everywhere. Please dont let us become another forgotten part of Eve. I wish you the best of luck.

N. Kondur
Kybernauts Clade


Voting for Brisc again, especially since Mike is not running. Those 2 CSM members give us 95%+ of any and all communication with the CSM. Based on published minutes, Brisc has taken ideas that he may not see as important as many of the rest of do and presented to both the CSM and CCP the concerns brought forth. This will be the make or break year for the game based on the past 2+ years of strange changes, development decisions, and price increases; we need veteran and knowledgeable people trying to convince CCP not to steer us and the game onto the rocks.

Please add EDENCOM ships and weapons onto another pass with the devs. Compared to the Trig ships, EDENCOM ships are very rarely seen or used.


I approve of fountain rubal and brisc frank


Dayuuum dude! I had no idea how diverse of an individual you are! Very inspiring! (Assuming it’s all true, but that’s my EvE and Internet paranoia talking here)

Based on the info provided, and your experiences in RL, I would support you as a CSM17 candidate.

And I also approve of the low sec fixes that you are proposing.


Not gonna lie, I do like his proposed views of changes.

Also we share a common foe :smiley:

Well. CCP vanquished that foe but still.

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You got my vote!

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I’ve known Brisc for a couple of years now and find him to be a very solid dude. A dude that you can trust to get ■■■■ done.

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Two key items missing

  • Ban on Wizard hats and booze
  • Disband and dissolve the CSM

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Congratulations on reelection.