This pilot is sold

(Pic Paquette) #1

Positive wallet
Npc corp
No jump clone
3 remap available
No kill right
BO at 45 bil

(Pic Paquette) #2

Daily bump

(Pic Paquette) #3

Daily Bump!

(Pic Paquette) #4

Bump of the day!

(The Durantis) #5

38b b/o valid 4 hours

(Gattanera) #6

40 bil

(KIR Aaron) #7

42 Bil

(Pic Paquette) #8

42 bil so far

i’ll wait a bit for more offers.

(The Durantis) #9

44b b/o valid 4 hours

(Gattanera) #10

45 bil

(Pic Paquette) #11

Daily Bump!

Still a few hours to go and so far Gattenera will be the winner!

(Pic Paquette) #12

I’m done with that!

Gattanera if you still want it its yours for 45bil.

Waiting for isk and info for transfer.


(Pic Paquette) #13

Still waiting…

(The Durantis) #14

42b offer valid 4 hours

(Pic Paquette) #15

No news from @Gattanera so bid are open again.

And daily bump!

(The Durantis) #16

41.5 b/0 valid 2 hours

(Zeeba Nabali) #17

44 bil

(Pic Paquette) #18

Daily Bump!

New price at 45 bil bo

(Gattanera) #19

Hey! I was away for a few days. Still good for 45 bil

(Pic Paquette) #20

Gattanera is back in game!
Looks like you are the winner!

Please send isk and info for transfer