This pilot is sold

Positive wallet
Npc corp
No jump clone
3 remap available
No kill right
BO at 45 bil

Daily bump

Daily Bump!

Bump of the day!

38b b/o valid 4 hours

40 bil

42 Bil

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42 bil so far

i’ll wait a bit for more offers.

44b b/o valid 4 hours

45 bil

Daily Bump!

Still a few hours to go and so far Gattenera will be the winner!

I’m done with that!

Gattanera if you still want it its yours for 45bil.

Waiting for isk and info for transfer.


Still waiting…

42b offer valid 4 hours

No news from @Gattanera so bid are open again.

And daily bump!

41.5 b/0 valid 2 hours

44 bil

Daily Bump!

New price at 45 bil bo

Hey! I was away for a few days. Still good for 45 bil

Gattanera is back in game!
Looks like you are the winner!

Please send isk and info for transfer