Thundercats HOOOOO! [INIT/0.0 PVP] 100% SRP

Corp Information

We are a mature corp (around since 2003) and part of The Initiative. Alliance ( Killboard ). The corp is built around loyalty, friendship and most importantly PvP. Most in HOO (Killboard) have been playing since the beginning of eve and hence we offer experience and opportunities. .

What we offer

» SOV / access to 0.0
» Highly experienced pilots & FC’s
» Access to all the pvp you could wish for (both small scale and blob/super warfare)
» Corp dreadnaughts
» Supercapital production and a Keepstar
» Up to 100% SRP for ship and capital losses on Alliance and Corp level.
» A chance to make new friends
» A relaxed environment

What we are looking for in you

» You must be active (killboard)
» Able to fly capitals
» Self sufficient (we will help you along the way)
» Vocal and willing to use voice coms (Mumble)
» Sense of humour and over 18

What we are NOT looking for

» Trial accounts
» Carebears
» Purchased accounts

Please join our recruitment channel for an interview.

Recruitment channel: Thunderkitty

Or contact us via eve-mail to J3mH4d4r (CEO)


Don’t forget to train Apostles :stuck_out_tongue:



Want to fight the blue donut with the best FCs in game? Join Thunderkitty channel!

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Drop by Thunderkitty for a chat.

CO2 members included :stuck_out_tongue:

Our FC Team:

Have you checked our FC Team? Sexy right? :wink:

Drop by this weekend in Thunderkitty channel for a chat if you looking for new home

Looking for new home? Drop by for a chat or send evemail.

We also have cake :slight_smile:

TIS just awarded INIT with alliance of the year award.:gift:

Drop by Thunderkitty channel, if you want to be part of that.

Drop by Thunderkitty channel, if you want to be part of best Alliance in game.

Still looking for new cats :slight_smile:

i can say 100% Reimburst in Fleet inkl Caps :heart_eyes: drum the base

Info unpdated.

us tz is pretty relaxed, mostly just do roams with the occasional use of caps and rarely any sov grind. expect to be staged in three different systems at once, two are for pvp then one for home defense about 35 jumps between so jump/death clone between them or use a travel ceptor with the correct jbs and it isn’t too hard. all staging have alliance jf service that is pretty quick at very nice rates so buy in jita and get it delivered in a day or 3 usually, local market is seeded also with an alliance recommended 10% over jita. lots of people selling cap and super cap hulls in the alliance so prices are good.

Yo, its weekend again. Good time to join :smile:

Happy Easter. Kill lotsa chocolate bunnies!

We have cake!

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Wanna see us murder 250B of PL dreads?

LOL all these PL who want to join us. Application DENIED!

Swing by for chat if you are a “good guy” :grinning:

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