Thundercats HOOOOO! [INIT/0.0 PVP] 100% SRP!


(J3mH4d4r) #21

Hurry before the cake gets stale!

(J3mH4d4r) #22

Last chance!!. After today recruitment will be halted for a while.

(Myrradah) #23

What is your main Timezone as a Corp and as a Alliance?

How active is your PST group?

(J3mH4d4r) #24

Main TZ is Euro. But with alliance and coallition there are OPs in all TZ.

(J3mH4d4r) #25

Bumpie McBumpface

(J3mH4d4r) #26

We got cake WITH icecream!

(J3mH4d4r) #27

OK. We kicked GOTG ass, so time to chillax a bit. Want to chillax with us? Check us out!

(J3mH4d4r) #28

Too hot outside. Forget cake. Want some icecream?

(J3mH4d4r) #29

Got some new dudes. Can squeeze one or 2 more in. Hurry up!

(J3mH4d4r) #30

Bump for weekend

(J3mH4d4r) #31

It’s weekend again!

(J3mH4d4r) #32

Another weekend bump!

(J3mH4d4r) #33

Early weekend bump!

(J3mH4d4r) #34

Late weekend bump!

(kinkiwinki) #35

Thundercats Hoooooo

(Frolicking Fairy) #36

[18:53:20] J3mH4d4r > <url=>Thundercats HOOOOO! [INIT/0.0 PVP] 100% SRP! keep it bumped so I can recuit more spais

i do what im asked :stuck_out_tongue:

(J3mH4d4r) #37


(J3mH4d4r) #38

Last call. Recruitment closing soon!

(J3mH4d4r) #39

OK. Limited spots available. Don’t wait too long!

(J3mH4d4r) #40

OK. We got 1 more spot to be filled. Visit us in Thunderkitty for chat.