Thundercats HOOOOO! [INIT/0.0 PVP] 100% SRP!

(J3mH4d4r) #41

Hurry. Before we close recruitment for a while!

(J3mH4d4r) #42

Old cat returned. Recruitment closed.

(J3mH4d4r) #43

Been a month. New recruits settled in. So limited recruitment open again.

Talk to you soon!

(J3mH4d4r) #44

Almost weekend bump!

(J3mH4d4r) #45

Today, last day before recruitment closes again.

(J3mH4d4r) #46

Nice video announcing our current campaign:

(J3mH4d4r) #47

OK. We killed 2 keepstars in a WH. That was fun :smile:

Want to join us and do epic stuff? We have only a few spots available.

Swing by Thunderkitty for chat.

(Frolicking Fairy) #48

just wanted to point out that our very own Faltz got top damage on the second keepstar that was killed in rage

(J3mH4d4r) #49

Old vet returning to Eve? Check us out for a new family!

(J3mH4d4r) #50

Recruitment closed. Please come back later :smile:

(J3mH4d4r) #51

Limited recruiting is back on. Cya in Thunderkitty channel!