Timestamp format in notifications, by ESI

Now i trying to understand how work with ESI API. In notifications i found timestamp format like:
assetSafetyFullTimestamp: 132292024315780169
assetSafetyMinimumTimestamp: 132279064315780169
How can i convert it to standart time?

Can you give some additional context where these ids came from? I.e., the endpoint, and if possible the payload? I’m not so sure they are timestamps, as they look more like structure ids.

Yes, this is timestamp, and i found what is it. It’s windows filetime timestamp, in python you can decode it with this code:

def get_time_eve(dt):
    microseconds = dt / 10
    seconds, microseconds = divmod(microseconds, 1000000)
    days, seconds = divmod(seconds, 86400)
    return datetime.datetime(1601, 1, 1) + datetime.timedelta(days, seconds)

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