Tired of playing alone

hi guys, i’m a new omega player looking for a corp, preferably established, null sec as ive heard that’s where the isk is to be made and newbie tolerant. Currently have 4.2m sp and counting. Play mostly evenings and have to date have done lvl 3 missions, a bit of mining and most recently exploration. been on the game for about 3 months and just upgraded my omega status. real life will come first but happy to get involved in group content and have a mic and also discord. i’m not new when it comes to MMOs and been playing games for the past 30 odd years (without giving my age away :slight_smile: ). as in the title i want to get involved in some of the bigger stuff that eve has to offer with like minded individuals. being new i haven’t done any PVP purely due to lack of skills and until recently little isk but willing to learn if there is a corp out there that can help

o/, I run a no ■■■■ nullsec corporation with a prosperous focus on pvp and making money. We have lots of fun and have quite a high quality small tight knit community in our alliance. THeres alot more that can only really be communicated by experience so i invite you to join our discord where we can get you setup further Agartha Forgeries

Hey Brother,

Take a look at our post and hit me up if your interested.

Hey - you would be welcome in Unleashed Fury - Looking for New and Experienced pilots who enjoy PVP and working as part of a team - we are chilled null sec corp and are looking for new and experienced players.

We are part of The Initiative, have regular PVP along with plenty of ISK making opportunities.

Please leave a message or DM/ingame mail me!


hello - we are a small corp based out of Min LS space, we are in a position of being able to “try” all that eve has to offer at mo, apart from NS, so Incursions, HS pocket afk mining, missions, small gang pvp, have taken over a C3 WH and soon will dip our toes into the new FW stuff ( when CCP make a change end mnth ) open season on choice… jump into shield107 in game or DM for more info, and to see if we are a good match TZ wise cheers Ed.

We are recruiting

Updated link my bad lol

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