A mushroom (Avatar)
A clubb (Erebus)
A cane (Ragnarok)
An anteater (Leviathan)
Which is your favorite?
I’m all for the Clubb, it’s look like a mothership from some of my bad cifi movie

I’ve always liked the look of the Avatar.

If I ever end up in a Titan (highly unlikely) that’s the one I would want to be in.

Also because this song:

Yes, I pretend that the Hurricane that I fly is an Avatar.

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I think you’re using the wrong sex toys bro

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Enlight me XD

Ragnorok is a dick.
Prove me wrong.

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Well the erebus is not even remotely dildo shaped, if thats what you think dicks look like then you have to pay more attention in school :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lmao then what’s do you think it looks like?

The erebus looks like a doorstop :stuck_out_tongue:

Id say the avatar looks most like a penis. As a man who stares intently at his penis every day for the past 28 years, i got this sh*t to a science.

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Well its the most phallic of the 4 titans for sure, if anyone says their member looks like one of the other titans then someone should suggest a trip to the doctors

Ragnarok is a morning sh*t

It’s rude, but that definition is already reserved for Revenant. BTW, I read this on previous forum…

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