WTS Multple Titans

Looking to sell the following
2 X Erebus (t2 trimarks)
2 X Avatar (t2 trimarks)
1 X Ragnarok (t2 hyperspatials)

send offers to this toon all ships are hulls, full combat fits can be discussed.

edit - also open to trades
2nd edit - Titans are currently located in amamake freeport keepstar,
Trade wise i am looking for vendettas and revenants or at ships


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would you be so kind and mail me the price+location?


same to me plz ty

same to me as well

Interested in a rag thanks mail me

Interested in an avatar, mail price ty.

Updated first post with location and what im looking for trade wise :slight_smile:

thanks susan

sold a ragnarok for 131bill updated first post

Sold a fully fitted bus for 145bill, still 2 x left updated first post

Still for sale, open to trades for vendetta/rev/aeons or keepstar hulls

will do one Erebus and one tar for a keep star + dd

sold an avatar for 192bill fitted, still open to trades and offers :slight_smile:

Still for sale to the top!

bump still for sale, looking for a revenant or vendetta for trade.

Any kill marks on any of the titans?

Willing to trade some titans for a Komodo?

Yes all have 100+ if you want specifics i can mail you amounts for each hull

sure mail me location of the komodo

mail sent.

Replied to all mails recieved so far