Total Mayhem - 100% PvP - Small Gang - Sniggerdly (Pandemic Legion) Affiliate

(Akidi Jou) #61

Come chat with us on discord, fleets happening everyday!

(Fry Charante) #62

If you enjoy shooting space pixels with a good group of people come check us out, join our public discord to say hello and find out what we do.

(Fry Charante) #63

Still recruiting come chat on our discord.

(Fry Charante) #64

Been having some fun doing hot drops recently snagging this and this in the last 24 hours. Check us out for small gang and blopsing shenanigans.

(Sean DeTivianne) #65

In light of #Brisc-Gate2k19, INIT. has to be looking at Allstate Insurance! They don’t know when Total Mayhem will strike! They’re not in good hands!

We can neither confirm nor deny that a [hull] breach has occurred. But the proof lies here:
Exhibit A
Exhibit B

Check us out if you’d like to learn more!

(Fry Charante) #66

Still fun to be had, growing in all tz’s and content galore join our public discord to see if we are a fit for you

(Akidi Jou) #67

We are still recruiting, come chat with us!

(Akidi Jou) #68

Come hop in our discord and chat with us! Fleets happening all the time!

(Fry Charante) #69

If you enjoy punching up, taking on the big guy we might be for you. Pop into our public discord and chat to use to see what we are all about.

(Akidi Jou) #70

You will have alot of fun with this corp! Come chat with us in our public discord to see if we are the right fit for you!

(Akidi Jou) #71

Getting alot of new recruits! Join our discord if interested!

(Mrs DiehardSi) #72

Come check out our public discord to find out more about Total Mayhem and all the awesome PvP fun we are having.

(Akidi Jou) #73

Great corp, with great people to play with! Lot’s of content going on.

(Akidi Jou) #74

Total Mayhem is still recruiting! Come chat with us to see if we are the corp for you!

(Akidi Jou) #75

If your looking for a corp that loves pvp, then Total Mayhem is the corp for you! Come chat with us!

(Fry Charante) #76

It is a great time to join us, jump onto our public discord and see what we do.

(Sean DeTivianne) #77

Come join us today on our Public Discord to learn more about us!

(Akidi Jou) #78

Great group of people to play with! Come chat with us!

(Akidi Jou) #79

If your interested in pvp, then come see what Total Mayhem can do for you! Join our public discord!

(Fry Charante) #80

Never a better time to join, jump into our public discord to see what we are about.