Total Mayhem

In-game public channel: Join Total Mayhem
Public Discord: Total Mayhem Public

Pandemic Legion is a nullsec alliance that was established in 2007 and has participated in all of the major EVE Online wars that have occurred since then and has experience in all forms of null and lowsec pvp. During its lifetime Pandemic Legion has experienced minimal changes in leadership and is made up of a range of players from different in game and IRL backgrounds who all share a common interest in EVE Online pvp as well as other games.

Total Mayhem is the feeder corp for Sniggerdly, the founding corp of Pandemic Legion. Over the years Total Mayhem has opened its doors to new members, providing an environment for learning, being proactive and having fun within a small and friendly group of people. Advancement to Sniggerdly and Pandemic Legion is an option over time and pilots with varied skills and experience are welcomed.

What we offer:

  • A learning environment where there is room for you to improve and make mistakes
  • Guidance from experienced members in Pandemic Legion
  • Possibility to move to Sniggerdly when ready
  • Room for you to step up and take an active role within the corp
  • Support to run your own fleets
  • Tackle new challenges in lowsec, nullsec, and Pochven with fellow TMs


  • Activity, you need to be active
  • PvP focus, you need to be focused on pvp
  • Interested in improving your own skill set
  • 100% focus on Total Mayhem, this is not an alt corp, this will be your new home
  • 10 mil sp and Omega
  • Working microphone and the willingness to use it


  • Some pvp experience, this is not a requirement but it will help you to hit the ground running
  • More than one account, this will be a requirement later on if you wish to move into Sniggerdly

If you are interested in taking your next step in eve, then join “Join Total Mayhem” in game or our discord and ask to speak to a recruiter.

We expect full ESI access on all your characters. This is not negotiable.

Tags:: #null-sec #pvp #low-sec

We are still looking for more players.

More people are welcome.

Still a few spots open :wink:

Still recruiting active people.

Recruitment are still open.

Still looking for more active players

Recruitment is still open.

Need more people.

If you like pvp then come join us

Recruitment is still open.

We are still looking for more active players.

Come join us.

Still looking for people

Recruitment is still open

We have more room for people who want to PVP

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Recruitment is still open.

Still looking for more people

We still have room for more people.