Total newbie LF my first corp

Hey, I’m giving EVE another shot and figured I’d try and find a corp. I’m pretty open minded, but I’ll try to be as specific as possible in terms of what I think I’d like in a corp and so on.

  • I don’t think I’d want to invest too much in mining or industry. Everything else is fair game.

  • I’d prefer a larger corp than a smaller one, but size doesn’t matter as much as activity does. I’m in the US, so ideally a corp that’s active in American timezones.

  • I’m obviously interested in PvP. Logi ships sound fun to fly. Small gang PvP, large wars, I’m interested in all of it. I’m interested in FW, too, so that would be a plus, but not a requirement.

  • Newbro infrastructure is a massive plus. I like to explore and learn things on my own, but having a few support systems within the corp would be appreciated.

  • Being part of an alliance is nice, but not required.

That’s all pretty vague, so feel free to hit me up if you think your corp matches all, or even some of the descriptions I listed above. Like I said, I’m really just looking to play with as many different people as possible.

Hello mate, if wormholes sound fun and you have around 20m sp, feel free to give us a shot :

bump before bed

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