Totality Squad is Recruiting!

Totality Squad is a newly formed corp focusing on Pochven and wormhole content. Our mission is to make Pochven accessible to more players and fully utilize all of it’s isk generating resources.

Totality Squad is looking for Experienced and Veteran players to engage in upper level PVE and PVP content.

SP minimum: 15Mil

*Mining: Best ore in the game (Talassonite, Bezdnacine, Rakovene, Mercoxit)

*PVP: Great small gang opportunities

*PVE: Great fleet isk generating opportunities for all levels of play (Incipient Drone Swarms, Observatory Flashpoints, salvaging, Wormhole Blue loot).

*Industry: industry available.

Come restore Pochven culture to it’s former glory, engage in a community friendly alliance culture and make lots of isk!

Join the Totality Recruitment channel in game

Recruiters: Brainstem

CEO: EmperorVeles