[TSE1]Total Solar Eclipse LTD Corp is recruiting!

If you want to join a corp with laidback guys where you can go into any role then we might be the answer.
While the corp has goals we want everyone to do their best for, we want you to do it in the way you want.
A solid group of guys who want to have a good time above all and help each other in the process.
Laidback environment.

We offer:
Mining fleets on weekends
Ore buyback program
Mining fleet srp (tech 1 barges and below)

All US time zone players currently

What we like to see:
Members enjoying what they do
Don’t take the game too serious
Willing to be on comms
Want to be a part of a group

5 million SP requirement (exceptions may apply)
Message me in game if interested or join the discord server!



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