Tournament Player looking for Corp

Miner currently skilling towards competing in the Eve Tournaments.
Australian timezone player.
48 mill plus SP.
Looking for corp of like-minded players with a view to learning tactical engagement, general PvP skills, and fielding a Tournament Team.

In return… I mine for you, provide logistical support, and take part in your PvP and PvE roams.

Rorqual at Mastery II
Exhumers at Mastery IV
Freighters at Mastery V
DST at Mastery IV
Rattlesnake at Mastery III
Marshal at Mastery II

Eve-mail in game please to Kipsley Caton.
(Australian Timezone)

Hey Kipsley,

Although the AT isn’t on this year, we are still very much interested in tournament play (we normally take part in the AT every year :disappointed_relieved:).

We are active and pvp through low and null, and make ISK for everyone as much as we can. We have a few who support their PVP habits through PVP.

We’ll reach out to you in game to see if we are a good fit for you. Distributed pretty widely across the country, but in general, we are a small gang of 10-15 dedicated Aussies that play together.

One of our guys is having a birthday today and will be FC’ing a roam tonight is you are interested in coming along. It’s probably going to be remote rep Imicus, so a pretty relaxed fleet.

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