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Hi, I´ve just came back after many years to my old Amarr Omen ship. I found an old fitting build in the old forums: “” to have something to start with, but I can´t smaller ships at all with the 5x Focused Modal Medium Laser I, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M. even while using the -55% velocity web on them. Do I have to use different, faster tracking turrets or what am I missing?

You should make use of your drones for target that get too close to track . You can also kite npcs by moving away from them and forcing them to have 0 transversal velocity as they come toward you thus improving your hit success

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I am not sure if it´s about the distance, I miss even at 10kms. I am going to try the kiting tactics and see, if it is normal to use just drones to hit small ships then I am going to play like that, it just seemed strange that I can´t hit a ship from whatever range while shooting from 5 lasers for couple of minutes even.

tracking is all about side to side motion, also known as transversal velocity. Sounds like you are getting in too close which lets NPCs get into their orbits creating a lot of transversal, and not using your own ship to control transversal, if you fly in a similar direction the other ship is trying to fly that will minimize transversal. If you can match speed that can even zero out transversal velocity, and that’s when you get really good hits.

Kiting is largely an easy way to control transversal as NPCs try to orbit you they approach with low transversal and since they are far away the relative side to side motion is lower (aka angular velocity) is even lower. All that is good as it allows for good hits, but often requires using lower damage ammo which isn’t so good. But if you practice doing it at range you can get better and move in closer to use high damage ammo.

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You said Tracing issue. I expected you had bought an RTX and wanted to see if EVE supported ray-tracing.

I was dissapointed.

To build on what @Chainsaw_Plankton is describing, here’s a great article that gets into deeper detail on this subject:

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