Trade Mailing Lists

Are there any good, active trade mailing lists in EVE at the moment?

I don’t understand in what way, mailing lists would help with trading? No one gonna publicly share his profitable items. Tax evasion? not worth the effort unless you only trade in low volume high value and first issue still apply.

Only use I see for stuff that can’t be put on market. But for everything blueprint oriented you have contracts which can be pulled via ESI and stuff like abyssal rolls has own websites, discords etc.


@Small_Kitty_Paws I used to use them for either bulk buying or bulk selling. That way I can sell something (or buy something) and pay less than market rate and the seller saves on markets fees so win win.

The buy system I dont like as they can sometimes take too long to fullfill, contracts would work too I guess and I may try that method, but visibility of contracts can get lost with so many contracts out there. Also I cannot seem to create a contract for stuff I want and offer ISK as the offering, I can only contract items I already have in my hanger

Makes sense. Don’t know any mailing lists for this though. Only thing that comes to mind is to pop into @The_Oz discord and ask//look there. As you will find a lot of fellow traders there.

When creating contract, you skip step 2 and in step 3 you tick at the bottom “also require items from buyer”. Which create “I want to buy” contract.


I use to use a Trade mailing list to sell bulk minerals/ore by private contract. I now use when I need to dump resources on the market.

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Great if you want to sell cheaply, no help whatsoever for buying stuff though

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