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Ad Valorem

(Latin for “according to value”) is a tax whose amount is based on the value of a transaction or of property. It is typically imposed at the time of a transaction, as in the case of a sales tax or broker’s fee.

At Ad Valorem we disregard the taxation and sell items “according to value” via Private contracts.

The reasoning behind creating this mailing list is that the 2 biggest mailing lists(Wholesale Trading and Bulk Trade) used for trading have become severely inactive and I see no replacement being made.
I see the huge gap on faction, deadspace and T2 modules daily in Jita
And spamming WTS or WTB’s in Jita local doesn’t really work.

I want to bridge this gap and provide a centralized place to post offers for items that you would normally have to sell for way less than what they are worth, or buy them for a price far higher than you should pay.

Traders that have goods to offer, shipbuilders, escalation runners, PvPers and all players alike should be able to find what they’re looking for at Ad Valorem.

Will you help spread the word?

Join us at “Ad Valorem” Mailing List!

For Bulk Trading I will still advice you to join “Bulk Trade”


I’ll subscribe just to build up a replacement for the defunct mailing lists.

But I believe those mailing lists are defunct for a reason.

Thank you,

Yes and I believe the reason for that is that the general populus simply don’t care for it.

Atleast not when it comes to selling items/buying items of relatively low value, I have however already had great success in buying assets worth in the 100m to 1b area;
At better prices than Jita buy could give.

So there is definetively a market for it, however niché it might be.

I think a lot of it has to do with CCP updating the market to include previously excluded items.

You say you’ve acquired some product via your list? If so that’s great. I’m always in the market to buy in bulk.

These sorts of lists do have narrow uses, especially if you need a tremendous amount of an item.

Often there’s just not enough of an item on the market.

A query before I sign up.

Do you envisage this being used mostly for larger trades (e.g. 9 Hyperion hulls, or 3000 Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II), or for smaller ones (1 Talos hull or similar)?

Brick after brick, stone after stone.
And we might get close to sell 1000 of those.

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I hope that Ad Valorem will reach that point where we have hundreds of suppliers, buyers and consumers.
But for now, I still believe that “Bulk Trade” is the best mailing list to go to if you’re after bulk items/ships.

As Tiddle Jr said, not until the foundation is set; will we be able to offer trading in bulk. Thus we are going to focus on simply making Ad Valorem known and getting enough people together.

The more clients; the more business opportunities.

Sidenote: I will be posting updates when we reach key membership milestones, current milestone is at 50 members.

33 to go!

sign me up

After signing up to both this list and Bulk Trades, I’m surprised how small scale most transactions are.

A couple weeks back I wasn’t even able to source three billion ISK worth of a very high volume T2 intermediate product.

To be fair Sabriz, you have only posted 2 emails to the “Bulk Trade” mailing list.

Maybe posting a few more requests, with different items, will yield a positive outcome.

I am currently only able to provide cheap combat boosters and Guristas deadspace items.

The more people we get; the more connections we get to different clientele and the more offers we will have on goods.

No 1 man can singlehandedly provide all goods that exist in EVE.

Strength through numbers!

PS; We have exactly 30 members now! 20 more to go for our first milestone

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