Bulk sales

(Nishan Umed) #1

Does anyone know of any bulk sale channels and/or mailing lists that are still active at all?


(Sabriz Adoudel) #2

Also interested in this subject

(Styx Saken) #3

I can’t offer a channel, but I am always interested in buying in bulk. Send me the details (Evepraisal link, location of your items) and I’ll be happy to make you an offer.

(Francis Raven) #4

You can always create an in-game channel and advertize it on the forums. Start your own!

(Dannefan Senshi-Khuun) #5

Join the “Bulk Trade” mailing list for bulk trading in highsec.
Alternatively you can use the “Ad Valorem” mailing list for selling of pricier mods that have a gap in buy and sell orders.

(system) #6

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