Trade channel or mail lists

Does anyone know any trade channel or mail lists that have more people?
There are 6 trade channels ingame, but really, there are no more than 150 pilots.

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If they have 150 characters present, then they are already at the top of the line. The Haulers Channel has sometimes up to 300 but that’s exceptional for a business related channel. In other words, except for dedicated traders, no one really uses those channels and local in trade hubs is a better choice to advertise (although you might get drowned in spam, scams and other useless ads).

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Thank you so much for your reply, I find it really hard to sell things in market when I got a huge number of ships waiting for selling. So I’m wondering if there is any trade channel that I can sell them easier. Advertise in local channel may be a good idea, I’ll try, thank you!

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Bulk Trade is still a thing, I used it to sell 12b worth of drones recently.

It’s a low traffic mailing list that does have people on it.

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There is a Ships channel but it’s mostly used to sell expensive ships or for people looking for bargains. What about the SEC Lounge (this is not the correct name, but I cannot remember the correct version). Is that still a thing?

There is really not much people in Bulk Trade recently, lol

The mailing list doesn’t need many people in it to be worth sending to, if your deals are good.

how about that?

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