Transfer Completed - Please delete

I am for sale

SP: 69 026 557

Password: 3223

All Freighters
All Heavy Interdiction Cruisers
All Strategic Cruisers
Black Ops
All Dreadnoughts
All Force Auxiliary
All Carriers
All Super Carriers

Wallet balance: Positive
Kill rights: None
Character location: Jita 4-4
Security Status: 5

Neural Remap Available: Now
Attribute Bonus Remaps: 2

Ship Skins: 288

All CCP rules followed

I will pay for transfer
Starting Bid: 60b
Buyout: 75b

Day 1 bump

60B offer

Thanks for the offer new_capship

Make it 64B and it`s yours.

I accept your offer,
isk and acc have been send. Please start transferring

ISK received and character sold for 64B to new capship. Transfer process will start immediately.

Thank you

Transfer process started:

Transfer completed


I’ve received the role. It’s very suitable.

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